ITL Judges

Inland Theatre League judges are assigned to a specific geographic area. It is their responsibility to view a minimum of twelve productions annually. Their judging standard is excellence. Judges will be looking for excellence in individual performances and the skills of the production crew.

Judges: Download the judging form (Microsoft Word: 28K; Updated: February 1, 2013)

  • Member theatres need to invite their area’s judges to performances. Don’t assume that judges know your theatre’s schedule. An e-mail, postcard, or letter invitation is a necessary reminder and very helpful to the judges.
  • Judges receive two complimentary tickets and program for every performance they view.
  • If judges have not called for ticket reservations, members theatres need to contact the Area Coordinator for their region. It is your Area Coordinator’s responsibility to make sure that your production is covered.
  • In order to receive a nomination, three votes from judges are required. Awards are given to nominees who receive a majority of votes from all judges attending the performance. For example, if seven judges attend a performance, four votes are required to receive an award.
  • Having more than five judges view your productions is desirable, but please realize the heaviest judging demands are in the months of March, July, August and November.

For additional information, contact:
Lisa Lanier, Nominations Coordinator

Judging Areas

Family Series

The Inland Theatre League has Family Series judges that are assigned to cover productions that include children’s theatre productions, youth theatre productions, and productions by adults performed specifically for children.