2009 ITL Awards

2009 Inland Theatre League Awards

The 35th Annual ITL Awards Ceremony, honoring performances from 2009, were held on Monday, April 26, 2010, at 7:00 p.m., at the Landis Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Riverside Community College at 4800 Magnolia Avenue in Riverside.

All ITL nominees from 2009 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

2009 Special Award Winners

  • Congratulations to Riverside Youth Theatre on the celebration of their 10th anniversary

2009 Winners and Nominees

  • 3 Theatre Group
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
    Mel Chadwick as Aaronow
    Mike Eastman as John Williamson
    Mike Ivey as Shelly
    Patrick Brien as Richard Roma
    Paul Jacques for Director
    Travis Rhett Wilson as Blake
    Troy Spieler as James Lingk
    Top Girls
    Alisa Lovas as Multiple Roles
    Desiree Hill as Multiple Roles
    Melissa Smith as Multiple Roles
    Paige Polcene as Multiple Roles
    Patrick Brien for Director
    Rebecca Williams as Marlene
    Rhiannon Cowles as Multiple Roles
    Sarah Jacques as Multiple Roles
  • Act 1 Theatre Arts
  • Little Women the Musical
    Emily Goedken as Jo (Cast A)
    Jade LaDou as Marmie (Cast A)
    Jonathan Donnelly as Professor Bhaer (Cast A)
    Jordan Gravatt as Mr. Laurence (Cast B)
    Brooke Henton as Ado Annie
    Caitlin Allen as Aunt Eller
    Jordan Dobbins as Jud Fry
    Rustin Sailors as Curly
  • Actor's Contemporary Theatre
  • Into the Woods
    Angie Knechtel for Co-Musical Director
    Beverly Stephenson for Co-Costumer
    Doug Knechtel for Co-Musical Director/Conductor
    Heather Albao as Mikey White
    Jenna Lloyd as Little Red Riding Hood
    Jessica Hayes as Baker's Wife
    John Edward Clark as Narrator/Mysterious Man
    Joseph Arreola as Repunzels Prince
    Julie Stouse as Witch
    Mickie Grenwald as Jacks Mother
    Mickie Grenwald for Co-Costumer
    Paul Kehler as Wolf/Cinderellas Prince
    Rebecca Tudor as Cinderella
    Tyler Lenhart as Jack
    Thoroughly Modern Millie
    Alexis Thomson as Millie Dillmount
    Amy Thomas for Co-Musical Director
    Annalise Lamothe as Miss Dorothy Brown
    Austin Hinrichs as Jimmy Smith
    Caitlin Allen as Muzzy
    Cheri Gorin for Choreographer
    Chester Lockhart as Jimmy Smith
    Erika Czach as Multiple Roles
    Joseph James Arreola for Director
    Katie Elledge for Co-Musical Director
    Kayla Parker as Milli Dillmont
    Michael Perdue as Trevor Graydon
  • At The Grove Productions
  • Bark!
    Angeline Carr-Buczynski as Golde
    Chris Carlisle as Rachmaninoff (Rocks)
    David Troy Francis for Musical Director/Composer
    Jenny Patric as Boo
    Larry Raben for Director
    Lee Martino for Choreographer
    Pete E. Cole as King
    Richard Bermudez as Sam
    Tess Jose as Chanel
    Church Basement Ladies
    Cheryl Morrin as Mrs. Lars (Vivian) Snustad
    Christen Dugger as Miss Signe Engelson
    Curt Wollan for Director
    Sherri Jones as Mrs. Gilmer (Mavis) Gilmerson
  • California Baptist University
  • A Garden in India
    Lee Lyons for Lighting Design & Set Design
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Danny Francis as Dr. Einstein
    Chad Collins as Judas
    Joseph Mayers as Jesus
    Krista Jo Miller for Director
  • Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
  • Man of La Mancha
    Chuck Ketter for Co-Set Design
    Francisco Rodriguez as Padre
    Greg Henrichsen for Co-Set Design
    Jackie Lorenzo Cox as Dulcinea/Aldonza
    Jean Yves Tessier for Lighting Design
    John LaLonde as Migel de Cervantes/Don Quixote
    Tony Pinizzotto as Manservant/Sancho Panza
    The Full Monty
    Allen Everman as Jerry Lukowski
    Beth Mendoza as Jeanette Burmeister
    David Marchesano as Ethan Girard
    Doug Austin for Musical Director
    John LaLonde for Director
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    Kelly Roberts as Harold Nichols
    Louis Pardo as Malcolm MacGregor
    Pete Cole as Noah Horse T. Simmons
    Topher Mauerhan as Dave Bukatinsky
  • Canyon Lake Community Theatre
  • Godspell
    Ilene Moore for Director
    Josh Pudleiner as Josh
    Kayla Parker as Sonia
    Tim Layba as Tim
  • CAT Corona
  • Aladdin
    Bryan Young as Peddler/Iago
    Ethan Smith as Sultan
    Isaac Monroe as Genie
    Matthew Dunn as Aladdin
    Fresh Off Broadway
    Amanda Achen as Featured Soloist
    Andy Pervose as Featured Soloist
    Aris Allen as Featured Soloist
    Ben Stultz as Featured Soloist
    Charissa Hogeland as Featured Soloist
    Desmond Clark as Featured Soloist
    Hollee Hennebelle as Featured Soloist
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Hollee Hennebelle for Co-Director
    Kathy Risinger as Featured Soloist
    Matt Dunn as Featured Soloist
    Matt Eden as Featured Soloist
    Natalie Taylor as Featured Soloist
    Nicole Shelton as Featured Soloist
    Rebecca Schubert as Featured Soloist
    Rebecca Schubert for Co-Director
    Rebecca Schubert for Music Director
    Much Ado About Nothing
    Andrew Monroe as Benedick
    Emily Green as Beatrice
    Peter Pan
    Aris Allen as Tiger Lily
    Beverly Baird for Costumes
    Brianne Krueger as Wendy
    Chris Tornow for Light Design
    Chris Tornow for Set Design
    Christian Koshay as Captain Hook
    Daniel Monroe for Director
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Nicole Shelton as Peter Pan
    Star of Wonder
    Andrew Monroe as Robert
    Carol Van Druten for Co-Costumer
    Carolyn DeFoe for Co-Costumer
    Emily Green as Bridget Casey
    Eric Vallee as Patrick Delaney
    Hannah Favela as Catherine Delaney
    Isaac Monroe as Robert (Flashback scenes)
    Lori Hennebelle for Co-Costumer
    Marja Adams for Co-Costumer
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Beverly Baird for Costumes
    Brian McNeilly as Grandpa George
    Chris Adams as Grandpa Joe
    Cyndi Monroe for Co-Director
    Gabrielle Green as Phyllis Trout
    Isaac Monroe as Willy Wonka
    Lori Hennebelle for Co-Director
    Sarah Adams as Mrs. Gloop
  • Chino Community Children's Theatre
  • Cinderella's Glass Slipper
    Allison Cardiel as Fairy Godmother
    Oliver Twist
    Colby Rummell as Jack Hawkins/The Artful Dodger
    Grant Markin as Mr. Sowerberry
    Paul Larson for Set Design
  • Chino Community Teen Theatre
  • Into the Woods
    Annie Curasi as The Witch
    Brianna Becerril as Little Red Riding Hood
    Cedric Blake Wright as The Baker
    David Lepore as Disgruntled Stage Hand
    Diane Morales for Co-Costume Coordinator
    Elisa Perez-Selsky as Cinderella
    Ethan Totten for Set Design
    Gaylene Lee for Co-Costume Coordinator
    Grant Markin as Rapunzel's Prince
    Jennifer McHugh for Director
    Jennifer McHugh for Musical Director
    Sarah Palmer as The Baker's Wife
    Taj Ameen as The Wolf
    Zachary Hallett as Cinderella's Prince
  • Chino Community Theatre
  • Heavens To Benjamin
    Christine Meja as Joesphine
    Colby Rummell as Benjamin
    Lauren Deards as Sarah
    Mike Barbin as Johan/Jacob
    Zachary Hallett as Timothy
    On Golden Pond
    Christopher Diehl for Director
    Kadn Fox for Co-Set Design
    Melodie H. Magourik for Co-Set Designer
    William Bishop as Norman Thayer
    Jeff Richards as Robert
    Kadn Fox for Set Design
    The Fantasticks
    Brandon Nichols as Mortimer
    Jeff Deards Jr. as El Gallo
    Jennifer McHugh for Director
    Jessica Cheng for Pianist
    KT Morales as Luisa
    Luis Alex Rodriguez as Matt
    William Bishop as The Actor
    The Philadelphia Story
    Chris Marler as Macauley (Mike) Connor
    Kadn Fox for Co-Set Design
    Paul Larson for Co-Set Design
    Ron Ming for Co-Set Design
    Sam Nisbett as C.K. Dexter Haven
    Tasha Tormey as Dinah Lord
    Susan Bray as Vivian Bearing, PhD
    Tom Hurst for Director
    Tom Hurst for Set Design
  • Crossroads Church
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Allen Everman as Lumiere
    Cassandra Murphy as Belle
    Jeanetta Bell as Mrs. Potts
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Wardrobe
    Marcos Mejia for Orchestra Conductor
    Paul Chambers as Cogsworth
    Paul Kehler as Gaston
  • Curtain Call Performing Arts
  • The Sound of Music
    Jimmy Saiz as Rolf
  • CYT of Temecula Valley
  • The Jungle Book
    Kelsey Matheson as Young Anjali
  • In The Company Community Theatre
  • Broadway's Back
    Cindy Ingram for Co-Director
    Dalene Smith for Costume Design
    Denise DeMarco as Featured Soloist
    Eric Soholt as Featured Soloist
    Kathy Risinger as Featured Soloist
    Lynda Fletcher as Featured Soloist
    Mark Michaels as Featured Soloist
    Randy Ingram as Featured Soloist
    Randy Ingram for Co-Director
    Sarah Ayotte as Featured Soloist
    William R. Fernandez, Jr. as Featured Soloist
  • Inland Empire Shakespeare Festival
  • King Lear
    Monica Reichl as Goneril
    Vanessa Downs as Fool
  • Inland Stage (Formerly Murrieta Repretory)
  • Doubt - A Parable
    Alisa Ann Lovas as Sister Aloysius
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Marcy Wright as Mrs. Muller
    Mark Rogers as Father Flynn
    Rebecca Williams as Sister James
  • Inland Valley Repertory Theatre
  • Driving Miss Daisy
    Georgia Sterling as Miss Daisy Wertham
    Michael Buczynski as Boolie Wertham
    Pete Cole as Hoke
    The Most Happy Fella
    Frank Minano as Tony
    Jenny Wentworth for Costumer
    Jim Brown as Pasquale
    Laura Lindahl as Rosabella
    Robert Hoyt as Ciccio
    Sarah Errington as Cleo
    Zentaro Mitani as Giuseppe
  • Isis Theatre Company
  • The Tale of the Allergist's Wife
    Jeannette Lyons as Frida
  • Junior University
  • Aladdin and His Magic Carpet
    Bethany Schwartzkopf for Choreographer
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    Cameron Booth as Jasper Genie
    Elizabeth McCrary for Costume Design
    Emily Young as Daisy
    Joshua R. Godinez for Director
    Preston Pounds as Sultan
  • LifeHouse Theatre
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Allison Brown as Rose, The Beauty
    Bethany Schwartzkopf as Mrs. Peer
    K.J. Schwartzkopf as Madame Buffet
    Chris Daub as The Strong
    Dustin Ceithamer as Madness
    Dustin Ceithamer for Director
    Dustin Ceithamer for Music/Lyrics/Script
    Dustin Ceithamer for Musical Director
    Dustin Ceithamer for Stage Director
    Emily Lopez as The Swift
    Hannah Jeanette Ayotte as The Wise
    Heather Siembieda for Costume Designer
    Jeremy Yeo as The Gift
    Ken Wright as The Teacher
    Lauren Mosher as The Brilliant
    Merea Price as Wisdom
    Randy Hodges for Lighting Design
    William R. Fernandez, Jr. as The Skilled
    Chris Daub as A Player
    Emily Lopez as A Player
    Hannah Jeanette Ayotte as A Player
    Jeremy Yeo as A Player
    Shane Litchfield as A Player
    Tim Mahoney as A Player
    Peter Pan
    Aaron Milligan as Pirate Ensemble
    Chase Haninger as Pirate Ensemble
    Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
    Dustin Ceithamer for Director
    Jana Smith as Tinkerbell
    Jeremy Kruizenga as Captain Hook
    Jonathan Blair as Peter Pan
    Jonathan May for Music
    Jordan Beck for Script and Lyrics
    Lauren Mosher as Wendy
    Lisa Livesay as Narrator
    Michael Milligan as Pirate Ensemble
    Shane Litchfield as Pirate Ensemble
    Wiley as Smee
    Robin Hood
    Shane Litchfield as Much
    The Hiding Place
    Bethany Schwartzkopf as Corrie Ten Boom
    Randy Lopez for Co-Scenic Design
    Taylor A. Joseph as Diego de la Vega (Zorro)
    Tim Mahoney for Co-Scenic Design
    Wayne R. Scott for Director/Producer
  • MSJC - San Jacinto Campus
  • Spitfire Grill
    Heather Grace Hoglund as Percy
    Lorney O'Connor for Lighting Design
    Lorney O'Connor for Scenic Design
    Rick Hoglund for Musical Director
    Swiss Family Robinson
    Darren De Priest for Scenic Design
  • Norco Theatre Conservatory
  • Annie Get Your Gun
    Callie Myers as Annie Oakley
  • Off Broadway Christian Theatre
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Amanda Gettinger as the Narrator
    Chanlon Jay Kaufman as Joseph
    Garrett Goodell as Multiple Roles
  • Pass Area Performing Artists
  • Give Em Hell, Harry
    Justin Blake as Harry Truman
  • Performance Riverside
  • All Shook Up!
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    John Vaughan for Director
    Melodie Slaughter as Lorraine
    Morgan Reynolds as Dennis
    Rob Thompson as Chad
    Vonetta Mixson as Sylvia
    Guys and Dolls
    Stacy Huntington as Miss Adelaide
    TJ Dawson as Nicely-Nicely Johnson
    Peter Pan
    Allison Vesey as Tiger Lily
    Gary Krinke for Director
    Lisa Livesay as Peter Pan
    Robert Ramirez as Smee
    Tom Patrick as Captain Hook
    Sensational Show Tunes
    Byron Nease as Leading Man
    Vonetta Mixson as Leading Lady
    The Unsinkable Molly Brown
    Isaac James as Johnny Brown
    Roger Castellano for Choreographer
    Roger Castellano for Director
    Stacy Huntington as Molly
  • Play With Your Food Productions
  • Lie, Cheat and Genuflect
    Kyle Bradley as Billy Buckle
    Laura Robitaille for Set Design
    Murray Robitaille for Set Design
    Run For Your Wife
    David Caldwell as Stanley Gardener
    John Edward Clark as Detective Sergeant Porterhouse
    Laura Robitaille for Set Design
    Laurel Mueller as Mary Smith
    Murray Robitaille for Set Design
  • Ramona Hillside Players
  • Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got The Will?
    Allen Purchis as Buford
    Jeri Greene as Marlene
    Mark Miller as Orville
    Peggy McQuown for Set Design
    The Mousetrap
    Bradley West as Christopher Wren
    Bradley West for Set Design
    Mary Lou Castle for Director
    Mary Vuong as Mollie Ralston
  • Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre
  • Steel Magnolias
    Amy Rutledge as Truvy
    Lisa Lanier as M'Lynn Eatenton
    Pamela Stith as Ouiser Budrois
    The Crucible
    Carol Michelle Grisham as Elizabeth Proctor
    Michael Buczynski as Rev John Hale
    Sam Nisbett as Deputy-Governor Danforth
    Terre Gunkel for Director
  • RCC Off-Broadway Play Series
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Haley Rubin as Hermia
    Jeffrey Fargo as Puck
    Kevin Taylor as Oberon
    Sallie Griffin as Helena
    Scotty Farris as Lysander
    Durang Durang Durang
    David Bretto as Featured Performer
    The Full Monty
    Jodi Julian for Director
    Kevin Taylor as Dave Bukatinsky
    Kyle Short as Jerry Lukowski
    Lauren Switzer as Jeanette Burmeister
    Loren Smith as Noah (Horse) T. Simmons
    Morgan Reynolds as Malcom MacGregor
  • RCC Summer Conservatory
  • Footloose
    Nohely Quiroz as Rusty
  • Redlands Footlighters
  • A Nice Family Gathering
    Deborah McFatter as Mom
    Doug Kiphut as Carl
    Nancy Covarrubias for Set Dressing
    Scott Morrill as Dad
    Tom Hurst for Set Design
    Funny Money
    Heatherly Stephens as Betty Johnson
    Mark Allen Everett for Director
    Phillip Gabriel for Set Design/Decoration
    Todd Paul Brown as Vic Johnson
    Tom Shelton as Henry Perkins
    Tom Hurst for Co-Set Dressing
    Tom Hurst for Set Design
    Vicki Janis for Co-Set Dressing
    Sherlock's Last Case
    Buffy Guzenski for Costumes
    Cynthia Lake for Director
    Frank Gilleece as Inspector Lestrade
    Mary Carruthers as Mrs Hudson
    Mel Chadwick as Dr. Watson
    Phillip Gabriel for Set Design
    Tom Shelton as Sherlock Holmes
    The Giant's Dance
    Grant Markin as Rufus Septimus
    John Lynd for Director
    Mike Hanrahan as King Ambrose of Brittania
    Tony Webb as General Nud
  • Rialto Community Players
  • 1776
    Candy Kane for Co-Hair/Wig Design
    Cherie Riley as Abigail Adams
    Cherie Riley for Costume Design
    David Leslie Thomas as John Adams
    Diana Schleiger Combs for Co-Hair/Wig Design
    Diana Schleiger Combs for Director
    Jason Livesay as Thomas Jefferson
    Joe Musil as John Dickinson
    Kelly Combs as John Hancock
    Kerry Jones for Set Decoration
    Kerry Jones for Set Design
    Michael Milligan for Choreographer
    Sam Nisbett as Richard Henry Lee
    Shane Litchfield as The Courier
    Stephen VanDorn as Edward Rutledge
    Tom Putnam as Benjamin Franklin
    6 Dance Lessons in 6 Weeks
    Christopher Diehl as Michael Minetti
    Deborah McFatter as Lily Harrison
    Jeff Richards for Director
    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    Emily Lopez as Philia
    Merrilee Drake for Costumes
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Richard King as Hysterium
    Thomik Deverien as Senex
    Tim Mahoney as Hero
    Candy Kane for Costumes
    Tom Kirkpatrick for Set Design
    Tom, Dick, and Harry
    Ali Rafter as Katerina
    Brandon M. Nichols as Dick
    Kerry Jones for Director
    Sam Nisbett as Andreas
    Steven Sabel as Tom
  • Riverside Children's Theatre
  • Grease!
    Colette Habash for Costume Design
  • Riverside Community Players
  • 4 Beekman
    Arthur Wilson as Jovan
    Michael Truelock as Boris
    Anna in the Tropics
    Alice Vasquez as Marela
    Sandra Claflin for Props
    Spencer Mansouri as Cheche
    Be My Baby
    Jeremy Maqouirk for Director
    Rory Dyer as Maud Kinch
    Sam Nisbett as John Campbell
    Kiss Me Kate
    Charissa Hogeland as Lois Lane/Bianca
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Kaley L. Smith as Lilli Venessi/Katherine
    Patrick Brien for Director
    Peter Romero as Fred Graham/Petruchio
    Rabbit Hole
    Adam Demerath as Howie
    Ali Rafter as Izzy
    Joe Musil for Co-Set Design
    Joe Musil for Director
    Justin Eaton as Jason
    Kathryn L. Gage for Co-Set Design
    Pat McQuillan as Nat
    Sandra Claflin for Props
    Sharon Kuhn as Becca
    Stacey Claflin for Props
    The Hollow
    Ann DeWolfe as Lady Lucy Angkatell
    Rory Dyer for Director
  • Riverside Community Players - Family Series
  • The Sword in the Stone
    Brian Jerz as Arthur/Man
    John Lynd as Merlin/Spike
    Weston Cody as Multiple Roles
    Velveteen Rabbit
    Annie Lewis Lay as Velveteen Rabbit
    Jennifer Lawson for Director
    Mackenzie Ellis as Voice/Boy
  • Riverside Youth Theatre
  • High School Musical 2
    Aaron Wolgemuth as Ryan Evans
    Grant Markin as Mr. Fulton
    Mulan Jr.
    Brenda Smith for Co-Costume Coordination
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Co-Costume Coordination
    Megan Keller for Co-Costume Coordination
    On Broadway Now!
    Anyssa Navarro as Featured Soloist
    Eryn Moore as Featured Soloist
    Melissa Smith as Featured Soloist
    Tevyn Hill as Featured Soloist
  • San Bernardino Valley College
  • Gypsy
    John-David Wiese as Tulsa/Cigar
    You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
    Abir Naim as Lucy Van Pelt
  • Shakespeare in the Vines
  • Comedy of Errors
    Christopher "Kit" Fugrad as Dromio of Ephesus
    David Caldwell as Antipholus of Syracuse
    John Edward Clark for Director
    Patrick Bailey as Dromio of Syracuse
    Much Ado About Nothing
    Christopher "Kit" Fugrad for Director
    Justin Girard as Benedick
    The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged
    David Caldwell as Multiple Roles
    Ethan Tapley as Multiple Roles
    Patrick Bailey as Multiple Roles
  • Standing Room Only Productions
  • The Star Spangled Girl
    Karla J. Franko for Set Design
    Mark Dufrenne as Andy Hobart
    Chelsea E. Franko as Hope Caldwell
    Marissa Escobar as Little Sally
  • Temecula Performing Arts Company
  • Willy Wonka Jr.
    Joseph Stein as Charlie Bucket
  • Temecula Valley Players
  • Lend Me a Tenor
    Greg Hill as Saunders
    Virginia Kunkel as Maria
    Kit Fugrad as Ghost of Christmas Present
    Paul Kehler as Scrooge
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Carrie Thorpe for Co-Costume Design
    Chelsea Lapp as Liza
    Chester Lockhart as Benjamin
    Chris Ninness as Frank
    Dawn Tierce for Co-Costume Design
    Gary Iversen for Choreographer
    J. Scott Lapp for Director
    Justen Tjarks as Ephraim
    Kaitlyn Terrill as Sarah
    Kellen Allen as Milly
    Lindsey Iversen as Dorcas
    Luke Jacobs as Gideon
    Mark McCullough for Technical Director
    Meagan Flint as Martha
    Meghan Dixon as Ruth
    Monica Iversen for Associate Choreographer
    Paul Kehler as Adam
    Tara Lynn Gillfillan as Alice
    Taylor Peckham for Musical Director
    Thomas Morningstar as Daniel
    Travis Lyon as Caleb
    Smile The Musical
    Kellen Allen as Robin Gibson
    Lindsey Iversen as Doria Hudson
    Victoria Mora-Collins for Musical Director
    The Teahouse of the August Moon
    Claude Earl Jones for Director
    Don Hudson as Col Wainwright III
    T.J. Dalrymple as Captain Fisby
    Terry Christopher as Sakini
  • The Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre
  • Ramona Pageant
    Jeannette Gardea as Margarita
  • Theatre Royale
  • The Wizard of Oz
    Scott King for Director
    Scott King for Lighting Design
    Scott King for Scenic Design
  • Yucaipa Little Theater
  • Sweeney Todd
    Christopher Chardi as Tobias
    Mia Mercado as Mrs. Lovett