Auditions: The Crucible at San Bernardino Valley College

January 16, 2018
6:00 pmto8:30 pm

San Bernardino Valley College will hold auditions for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible on Tuesday, January 16 from 6-8:30 pm in the College Auditorium. The college is located at 701 S. Mount Vernon Ave., in San Bernardino, CA.

Directed by Melinda Fogle, the auditions will consist of cold readings from the script and short improvisations. Headshots and resumes are helpful but not required. Those interested in working behind the scenes are welcome to attend the auditions.

Performances will be held May 10th-12th at 7 pm and May 13th at 2 pm.

The Show:
Winner of the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play. This exciting drama about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in old Salem is both a gripping historical play and a timely parable of our contemporary society. “A powerful drama.” —NY Times.

The story focuses upon a young farmer, his wife, and a young servant-girl who maliciously causes the wife’s arrest for witchcraft. The farmer brings the girl to court to admit the lie – and it is here that the monstrous course of bigotry and deceit is terrifyingly depicted. The famer, instead of saving his wife, finds himself also accused of witchcraft and ultimately condemned with a host of others.

Characters: (20+ roles, no experience necessary!)
John Proctor – a local farmer with a hidden sin
Abigail Williams – a beautiful and wily young servant girl
Reverend John Hale – a young minister and expert on witchcraft
Elizabeth Proctor – John Proctor’s virtuous wife
Reverend Parris – The minister of Salem’s church, paranoid and power-hungry
Rebecca Nurse – a wise, sensible, and upright woman of Salem
Francis Nurse – a wealthy, influential man of Salem
Judge Danforth – The deputy governor of Massachusetts and presiding judge at the witch trials
Judge Hathorne – a judge presiding over the witch trials along with Danforth
Giles Corey – an elderly but feisty farmer of Salem
Thomas Putnam – a wealthy, influential citizen of Salem who uses the witch trials for personal gain
Ann Putnam – Thomas’ wife who fears her newborn babies were murdered by supernatural means
Ruth Putnam – The Putnams’ lone surviving child who falls into a strange stupor after a night of dancing in the woods
Tituba – Reverend Parris’ slave from Barbados
Mary Warren – a timid and easily influenced servant girl in the Proctor home, also a member of Abigail’s group
Betty Parris – Reverend Parris’ ten-year-old daughter whose illness fuels the first rumors of witch craft
Martha Corey – Corey’s wife whose reading habits lead her to arrest for witch craft
Ezekiel Cheever – a man from Salem who acts as clerk of court during the witch trials
Herrick – the marshal of Salem
Mercy Lewis – one of the girls in Abigail’s group
Susanna Walcott – one of the girls in Abigail’s group
Sarah Good – a mentally unstable homeless lady accused of witch craft
Hopkins – a jailer

Contact Info: For more information, feel free to contact Director Melinda Fogle at

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