2007 ITL Awards

2007 Inland Theatre League Awards

The 2007 ITL Awards Ceremony were held on Sunday, March 9, 2008, at 7:00 p.m., at the Landis Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Riverside Community College. All ITL nominees from 2007 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

2007 Winners and Nominees

  • Act 1 Theatre Arts
  • Aida
    Erica Robledo as Aida
    Gary Iversen for Choreographer
    Monica Iverson for Co-Director
    Sharon Duchi for Co-Director
    Sheldon Bishop as Radames
    Garret Torres as Lamar
    Joseph Arreola as Judas
    Paul Kehler as Jesus
    High School Musical
    Camille Rene Weck as Gabriella Montez
    Jordan Dobbins as Ryan Evans
    Seussical the Musical
    Alexis Thompson as Mayzie La Bird
    Avalon Penrose as Jojo
    Emily Goedken as Gertrude McFuzz
  • Actor's Contemporary Theatre
  • Dangerous Liaisons
    Beverly Stephenson for Costume Design
    Coley McAvoy as Le Vicomte de Valmont
    D.D. Calhoun as Mme De Rosemonde
    Kathy Forbes as LaMarquise De Merteuil
    Mickie Grunwald for Costume Design
    Side By Side By Sondheim
    Carol Swarbrick as Featured Singer
    Carol Swarbrick for Director
    Don York for Musical Director/Pianist
    Kim Huber as Featured Singer
    Stan Chandler as Featured Singer
    Suzanne Wong for Pianist
    The Secret Garden
    Bryan Boos as Dr. Neville Craven
    Joseph Arreola as Dickon
    Meghan Patterson as Martha
    Samantha Sanders as Lily
  • At The Grove Productions
  • High School Musical
    Brent Anthony as Troy Bolton
    Brian Mahoney as Ryan Evans
    Clifford Banagale as Jack Scott
    Ginger Kinison as Sharpay Evans
    Janet Roston for Choreography
    Ray Auxais as Chad/Jock
    Sherri Jones as Ms. Darbus
    Adam Demerath as Dads
    Courtney Kelly as Ashley
    Dennis Kyle for Director
    Jennifer Bryce as Moms
    Mark Haines for Choreographer
    Reid Lee as Stephen
  • Broadway High Children's Theatre Arts Academy
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Alex Avila as Cogsworth
    Brandon Jones as Lumiere
    Brian Smith as Beast
    Christina Comer as Mrs. Potts
    Courtney Potter for Wardrobe
    Elizabeth Archer as Belle
    Geaneen Archer for Director
    Jordan Gravatt as Gaston
    Mike Hurst as Lefou
    Quincy Hutchison as Mrs. Potts
    Bye Bye Birdie
    Christina Comer as Rose
    Elizabeth Archer as Ursula Merkle
    Geaneen Archer for Director
    Jordan Dobbins as Albert
    Layla Dean as Mrs. Peterson
    Timothy Swistak as Mr. MacAfee
  • California Baptist University
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Danny Frances as Nick Bottom
    Garrett Repogle as Robin "Puck" Longfellow
    Seussical the Musical
    Brenna Walton for Costumes
    Brian Buxton for Choreographer
    Jacqueline Goalwin as Gertrude McFuzz
    Jonathan Blair as JoJo
    Kendall Lloyd as Cat in the Hat
    Lindsey Gowing as Sour Kangaroo
    Maydelle White for Costumes
    Melodie Narramore Yocum for Director
  • Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
  • I Do! I Do!
    John LaLonde as He (Michael)
    Lisa Dyson as She (Agnes)
    I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
    John LaLonde for Director
    Joy Yandell as Multiple Roles
    Leigh Scarrett as Multiple Roles
    My Fair Lady
    Carey Curtis Smith as Professor Henry Higgins
    Craig Sheppard for Scenic Design
    John LaLonde as Jud Fry
    The Fantasticks
    Gary Reinschmidt as Henry
  • Canyon Lake Community Theatre
  • Gypsy
    Chris Howell as Herbie
    Ilene Moore for Director
    Lisa Tousseau as Mama Rose
    Maryanne Stevens as Tessie Tura
    Sean Roberts as Tulsa
    Tara Miller as Tall Louise/Gypsy
  • CAT Corona
  • 101 Dalmatians
    Aran Broderick for Make-up
    Aris Allen as Cruella DeVille
    Jane Ellen Smith for Costumes
    Amanda Achen as Maureen
    Aris Allen as Queenie
    Carrie Hoechlin for Set Design
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Isaac Monroe as Greyleg
    Janel Marie Slater as Ida
    Lori Hennebelle for Costumes
    Matt Dunn as Cat
    Michael Milligan as Ugly
    Nicole Shelton as Lowbutt
    My Fair Lady
    Cheri Riley for Costumes
    Jeanetta Bell as Mrs. Pearce
    Jennifer Pryor as Eliza Doolittle
    Angela Sanicola for Co-Director
    Aran Broderick for Make-up & Hair
    Cyndi Monroe for Co-Director
    Dianna Lopez for Makeup & Hair
    Gabrielle Green as Mrs. Beaver
    Isaac Monroe as Mr. Beaver
    Jenny Hall as White Witch
    Lori Hennebelle for Costumes
    Mackensie Ellis as Edmund Penvensie
    Matt Dunn as Aslan
    Nicole Crain as Lucy Pevensie
    Steel Magnolias
    Melodie Yocum as M'Lynn
  • Chaffey College Theatre
  • The Wiz
    Patrick Aranda for Musical Director
  • Chino Community Children's Theatre
  • Honk! Jr.
    Anthony Porter as Ugly
    Lord of the Flies
    Donovan Marcotte as Simon
    Geoffrey Curtiss as Jack
    Nicholas Velasco as Roger
    Tanner Naas as Ralph
    The Magical Pied Piper
    Amanda Witten as School Teacher
    Gracie Arvizu for Director
    Hunter Nenk as Bongo
    Joshua Esparza as Rat King
    Patty Quiroz for Director
    Susan Gutierrez for Stage Art/Rat Heads
  • Chino Community Teen Theatre
  • Urinetown
    Amanda Lee as Little Becky Two Shoes
    Christopher Diehl for Director
    Davey Lee as Bobby Strong
    Jennifer McHugh for Musical Direction
    Joshua Himes as Caldwell B Cladwell
    Justine Le Van as Hope Cladwell
    KT Morales as Penelope Pennywise
    Sergio Perelli as Officer Lockstock
    Tasha Tormey as Little Sally
  • Chino Community Theatre
  • A Christmas Carol
    Lauren Deards as Belle
    Don't Drink The Water
    Deborah W. McFatter as Marion Hollander
    Kadn Fox for Set Design
    Mel Chadwick as Walter Hollander
    Richard Flin as Krojak
    Roger Hotard for Set Design
    Amanda Brock for Make-up Design
    Deborah Geer as Terry
    Kadn Fox as Raul
    Kadn Fox for Set Design
    Lisa Lanier as Patricia
    Melissa Bell for Make-up Design
    Melodie Henderson as Marjorie
    Michelle R. Knight for Director
    Tim Lanier for Set Design
    Of Mice and Men
    Adam Demerath as Curly
    Adam Demerath for Scenic Design
    Bill Bishop as Candy
    Jeanette Wolfarth as Curley's Wife
    Jeremy Jay Magouirk as Lenny
    Ken Lay as George
    Peter E. Cole as Crooks
    Toni Lynd for Director
    Split Second
    Bob Harper as Rusty Johnson
    Jason Sims-Prewitt as Val Johnson
    John Lynd for Director
    Tanya Starling as Alea Johnson
    Tony Collins as William H. Willis
    They're Playing Our Song
    Christopher Diehl as Vernon
    Gracie Arvizu as Sonia
  • Christ's Church of the Valley
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Allen Everman as Lumiere
    Amy Gillette as Belle
    Carla Lansford for Costume Director
    Paul Chambers as Cogsworth
    Rick Wessell for Stage Design
    Tim Roberts as Gaston
    Tim Roberts for Director
  • Corona Civic Light Opera
  • Arsenic and Old Lace
    Hazel Henninger for Set Dresser
    Rick Henninger for Set Design
  • Courtyard Dinner Theatre (Ramona Bowl Assoc)
  • I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Man No. 2
    Patsy Morley as Woman No. 1
  • Crafton Hills College
  • Proof
    Mary Boutwell as Catherine
  • CSU San Bernardino
  • Noises Off
    James Griffin as Selsdon Mowbray
    Lee Lyons for Director
    Lee Lyons for Scenic Design
    Tony Jaksha as Garry LeJeune
  • CYT of Temecula Valley
  • Treasure Island
    Rachel King as Meg/Sam
  • Heartland Players
  • Sincerely Yours
    Dimyana Pelev as Marguerite Brighton
  • In The Company Community Theatre
  • Ragtime
    Beverly Baird for Costumer
    Bill Risinger for Director
    Bill Risinger for Musical Director
    Bryan Reid as Younger Brother
    Cindy Ingram for Choreographer
    Don Hudson as Grandfather
    Janá Pitts as Sarah
    Jim Oxley for Set Designer
    Kathy Risinger as Mother
    Lynda Fletcher as Sarah's Friend
    Marco Mejia for Conductor
    Pete E. Cole as Booker T. Washington
    Randy Ingram as Tateh
    Randy Ingram for Choreographer
    Sarah Ayotte as Emma Goldman
  • Junior University
  • Alice in Wonderland
    Andrew Doyle as Mad Hatter
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    Cameron Booth as Red King
    Deeanna Yeary as Red Queen
    Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
    Emily Lopez as The White Queen
    Jillian Izen as Caterpillar
    Katie Roche as Alice
    Lieren King as Cheshire Cat
    Lisa Lyons for Musical Director
    Mary Kintner for Costume Design
    Paul Reed for Director
    Preston Pounds as Humpty Dumpty
    Sean Uminski as Doormouse
    Stephen Razo for Orchestra Conductor
  • LifeHouse Theatre
  • Anne of Avonlea
    Samantha Stephenson as Anne Shirley
    Noah and the Ark
    Colleen Langley as a Featured Performer
    Derek Gray as a Featured Performer
    Dustin Ceithamer as a Featured Performer
    Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
    Dustin Ceithamer for Director
    Dustin Ceithamer for Script/Music and Lyrics
    Erin Allen as a Featured Performer
    Nathan Prince as a Featured Performer
    Randy Hodges for Lighting Design
    Sarah Ayotte as a Featured Performer
    Tai Wazdatskey as a Featured Performer
    William R. Fernandez, Jr. as a Featured Performer
    Daniel Milligan for Lighting Design
    Kyle Montgomery for Lighting Design
    Rachel Hechanova as Pocahontas
    Brad Roseborough as C.S. Lewis
    Karen Kennedy as Joy Gresham
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Derek Gray as Quasimodo
    Dustin Ceithamer for Director
    The Story of Ruth
    Amanda Cason as Ruth
    Dustin Ceithamer for Music and Lyrics
    Jane Cason for Director
    Kelly Schwartzkopf as Naomi
    Rick Arias as Boaz
    William Fernandez, Jr. as Head Servant
    The Wizard of Oz
    Adam Hunt as Slim Hayward/Scarecrow
    Debbie Rao for Costume Designer
    J Wiley for Co-Director
    Jamey Simpson as Dorothy
    Jeffrey DeWitt as The Cowardly Lion
    Jennifer DeWitt for Co-Director
    Maddison Rickard as Mayor of Munchkinland
    Rebecca Stewart as The Wicked Witch of the West
    Timmy Shivers as Toto
  • MSJC - Menifee Campus
  • Little Shop of Horrors
    Christopher Kiser for Technical Direction
    Don Smith for Set Design
    Landis Scott as Seymour
    Michelle Argerich as Audrey
    Shezwae Powell for Director
    Stephen Torok for Band Direction
  • MSJC - San Jacinto Campus
  • No Exit
    Alisa Lovas as Estelle
    Monica Reichl for Director
    Wonderful Town
    Gail Hoak for Director
    Holly O'Farrell for Choreography
    Julie Adams for Musical Director
    Lorney O'Conner for Scenic Design
    Minnie Christine Walters for Costume Design
  • Murrieta Repertory Theatre
  • I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
    Brandon Dean as Man No. 1
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Man No. 2
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Patsy Morley as Woman No. 1
    Samantha Sanders as Woman No. 2
    Laundry and Bourbon and Lonestar
    Kelly Sousa as Roy Caulder
    Scott Hodges as Ray Caulder
    Of Mice and Men
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as George
    Geoffrey L. Nixon as Lennie
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Patsy Morley as Curley's Wife
    Tim Wheeler as Candy
    P.S. Your Cat Is Dead
    Brandon Carlson as Jimmy Zoole
    David Caldwell as Vito Antonucci
  • Olive Branch Christian Theatre
  • Godspell
    Kendall Lloyd as Jesus
  • OnStage Musicals
  • Molly Brown: The Queen of the Titanic
    Richard Stover for Music/Lyrics
  • Ophelia Theatre Group
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    Dana Woempner as Philia
    Mike Tubman as Hysterium
    Ryan Kimble as Pseudolus
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    AJ Pacheco as Gideon
    Ashley Marie Nordland as Liza
    Brooke Vartanian for Choreography
    Jennie Vanderham for Choreography
    Laura Macias as Milly
    Micah Macias as Adam
    Sarah Bennett for Director/Producer
  • Performance Riverside
  • Hollydazzle
    Alyssa Preston as Roberta
    Fantasia Dance Group
    Gary Locke for Director of RCC Marching Tigers
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    John Vaughan for Director
    Mykail Costner for Choreographer of Fantasia
    Orlando Alexander as Featured Performer
    RCC Marching Tiger's Band
    Sean Vega for Percussion Director/Choreographer
    Sheila Locke for Director of Fantasia
    Man of La Mancha
    Adrian Rodarte Jr. as Sancho Panza
    Anne Fraser Thomas as Aldonza
    Don Le Master for Musical Director/Conductor
    Gary Krinke for Director
    Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Designer
    John LaLonde as Don Quixote
    Michael Kelly as Padre
    Sensational Show Tunes
    Cassie Murphy as Featured Performer
    Daebreon Porter as Featured Performer
    Danny Michaels as Featured Performer
    Debbie Prutsman as Featured Performer
    John LaLonde as Featured Performer
    Seussical the Musical
    Andrew Hammer for Scenic Design
    Bart McHenry as The Cat in the Hat
    Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Designer
    Kyle DallaTorre as Gertrude McFuzz
    Roger Castellano for Choreographer
    Roger Castellano for Director
    The Will Rogers Follies
    Danny Michaels as Will Rogers
    Don Le Master for Musical Director/Conductor
    Gary Reinschmidt as Clem Rogers
    Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Designer
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    John Vaughan for Director
    Lisa Dyson as Blake
    Orlando Alexander as a Wrangler/Indian Dancer
    Tony Munoz as Roper
    Tracy Pedretti as Ziegfield's Favorite
    West Side Story
    Adam Di Loreto as Jet/A-Rab
    Allen Everman for Music Director/Conductor
    Bobby Perino as Riff
    Cassandra Murphy as Maria
    Gary Krinke for Director
    Jason W. Webb as Tony
    Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Designer
    Juliette Catrambone as Anita
    Orlando Alexander for Choreographer
    Orlando Montes as Bernardo
  • Play With Your Food Productions
  • Cash on Delivery
    Daniel Baca as Norman McDonald
    Michael Eastman as Eric Swan
  • Ramona Hillside Players
  • On Golden Pond
    Bobbye Louise Ames as Ethel Thayer
  • Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre
  • Big River
    Craig Higgins as Pap Finn
    Derek Klena as Huck Finn
    Ra Shonda Cumberland as Alice
  • RCC Off-Broadway Play Series
  • Dog Sees God
    David Cortes as Van
    Gregory Nabours as Beethoven
    Jeff Sherwood as Matt
    Jennifer Rundgren as Tricia
    Kristin Carlisle as Marcy
    The Shadow Box
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Diane Taveau as Beverly
    Doug Buckhout as Brian
    Eric Craig as Mark
    Gabriel Morales as Joe
    Harri-J Cardiel as Felicity
    Jerry Longman for Set Design
    Kristopher Bramlett as Steven
    Lisa Shannon as Maggie
    Sandra Ford as Agnes
    Amy Struxness as Little Sally
    Anthony Loa for Choreographer
    David Lee as Officer Barrell
    Jennifer Lawson Penelope Pennywise
    Jerry Longman for Technical Director
    Morgan Reynolds as Bobby Strong
    Sallie Griffin as Hope Caldwell
  • RCC Summer Conservatory
  • High School Musical
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    Morgan Reynolds as Ryan Evans
  • Redlands Civic Light Opera
  • Godspell
    Stacy Hennon for Technical Director
    Man of La Mancha
    Brandon Crane as The Padre
    Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
    Dustin Ceithamer for Director
    George Champion as Don Quixote
    Jennifer Pryor as Aldonza
    Reggie De Leon as Sancho
    Richard Bermudez as The Barber/Anselmo
    You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
    Adam Hunt a Linus
  • Redlands Footlighters
  • Robber Bridegroom
    Chris Fulton as Little Harp
    See How They Run
    Alexis Rafter as Ida
    Allison Taylor for Costumes
    Carol Steele for Set Decoration
    Eric Gruenler for Set Design
    Henry Nickel as Rev. Lionel Toop
    Pierre Beauregard as Rev. Arthur Humphrey
    Rhesa Richards for Director
    Tom Shelton as The Bishop of Lax
    Valerie VanBrocklin as Miss Skillon
    Spider's Web
    Buffy Guzenski as Clarissa Hailsham-Brown
    Diane L. David as Mildred Peake
    Henry Nickel as Elgin
    Mark Everett for Director
    Mark Everett for Set Design
    Tom Hurst for Set Design
    Tom Shelton as Sir Rowland Delahaye
    The Perfect Murder
    Bradford Reed as Nicodemus Brannock
    Spencer Mansouri as Stanley Merks
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
    The Perfect Wedding
    Joe Baumbach as Bill
    Kelly Lopez as Julie
    Kristine Rodriguez as Rachel
    Mark Butler as Tom
    Mia Mercado as Judy
    Tom Hurst for Set Design
    Tom Provenzano for Director
    The Underpants
    Buffy Guzenski as Louise Maske
    Cynthia Lake for Director
    Cynthia Lake for Set Design/Dressing
    Ginny Harman as Gertrude Deuter
    Leroy Wood III as Benjamin Cohen
    Mel Chadwick as Theo Maske
    Phillip Gabriel as Frank Versati
  • Rialto Community Players
  • 2 Across
    Deborah W. McFatter as She
    Jeff Richards as He
    Kerry Jones for Director
    Kerry Jones for Set Design
    Adam Demerath as Count Dracula
    Adam Demerath for Director
    Adam Demerath for Music and Sound Design
    Adam Demerath for Scenic Design and Artwork
    Adam Demerath for Wigs and Make-up Design
    Brandon Nichols as The Nosferatu
    Dan Lambros for Lighting Technician
    Joe Musil as Professor Abraham Van Helsing
    Kerry Jones for Costume Design
    Laura Romero as Lucy Westenra
    Michelle Kiphut for Costume Design
    Travis Rhett Wilson as R.N. Renfield
    Val Hanson for Lighting Design
    Val Hanson for Technical Director
    Radio Gals
    Beverly Crowe as Rennabelle
    Bob Fraley as Azille Swindle
    Diana Combs for Choreographer
    Diana Combs for Director
    Gail Walker as Hazel Hunt
    Joey Mercado as America
    Karen Sendt as Beulah Mae
    Kerry Jones for Set Design
    Kerry Jones for Set Dressing
    Lorraine Jorgenson as Mabel
    Mary Carruthers as Gladys Fritts
    Sam Nisbett as O.B. Abbott
    Sandy Courtney for Set Dressing
    Rough Crossing
    Barry Wallace as Sandor Turai
    Candy Kane for Costume Design
    Mike Hanrahan as Alex Gal
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Design
    Thomik Deverien as Dvornichek
    The Lion in Winter
    Adam Demerath as Geoffrey
    Adam Demerath for Scenic Design
    Brandon M. Nichols as John
    Casey Lee Williams as Richard
    Janelle M. Gill as Alais a french princess
    Jeff Deards as Henry II
    Kerry Jones as Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Design
    Michell Kiphut for Costume Design & Construction
    Thomik Deverien for Director
    Val Hanson for Lighting Design
    Stones In His Pockets
    Sheila Fares as Multiple Roles
    Thomik Deverien as Multiple Roles
  • Riverside Children's Theatre
  • Peter Pan
    Colette Habash for Costume Design
    Larissa Faith Flores as Captain Hook
    Micaela Arias as Tiger Lily
    Steve Razo for Orchestra Conductor
    Teresa Burns for Director
    Vicki Haggerty for Choreographer
    William Catling for Scenic Design
    The Wizard of Oz
    Krissy Flores for Costume Design
  • Riverside Community Players
  • A Bench in the Sun
    Bob Miller as Harold
    Don Hudson as Burt
    Lance Todd Christiansen for Director
    A View from the Bridge
    Arthur Wilson as Rodolpho
    Donna Parrish as Beatrice Carbone
    Gabriel Morales as Eddie Carbone
    Michael Truelock as Marco
    Patricia McQuillan for Director
    Rhiannon Cowles as Catherine
    Win Carey for Costumes
    Forever Plaid
    Arthur Wilson as Francis
    Jason Call as Sparky
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Peter Schultz as Smudge
    Reginald Mora as Jinx
    Victoria S. Mora-Collins for Musical Director
    London Suite
    Harri-J Cardiel as Diana Nichols
    John Lynd for Director
    Joyce E. Warhop as Annie Ferris
    Kevin Bray as Sidney Nichols
    Peter York as Dr. McMerlin
    Quinn Larsen as Mark Ferris
    Rory Dyer as Mrs. Semple
    Sam Nisbett as Brian Cronin
    The Smell Of The Kill
    Alexis Rafter as Debra
    Buffy Guzenski as Nicky
    Jeff Richards for Director
    Jennifer Gutierrez as Molly
    The Teahouse of the August Moon
    Fumi Sakurai as Lotus Blossom
    Jeffrey Wymer as Captain Fisby
    Jeremy Lalas as Sakini
    Joe Musil as Captain McLean
    Kathryn Gage for Director
    Robert E. Miller as Colonel Wainwright Purdy
    Wayne Astin as Mr. Oshira
  • Riverside Community Players - Family Series
  • Oz
    Jennifer Young Lawson for Director
    John Lynd as L. Frank Baum
  • Riverside Youth Theatre
  • Broadway Meets The Movies
    Kaitlyn Lankford as Featured Soloist
    Lorena Olivas as Featured Soloist
    Zach Boggio as Featured Soloist
    Building a Dream
    Daniel Favela as Featured Performer
    Lorena Olivas as Featured Performer
    High School Musical
    Aaron Wolgemuth as Ryan Evans
    Brian Jerz as Darbus
    Seussical the Musical
    Grahme Meneses as Jo Jo
    Maddison Rickard as Sour Kangaroo
  • San Jacinto Valley Shakespeare Festival (MSJC)
  • King Lear
    Allen Purchis as King Lear
    Brandon Dean as Earl of Kent
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy for Director
    Jeff Sherwood as the Fool
    Leslie Colern-Mulz for Scenic Designer
    Paul Jacques as Edmund
    The Taming of the Shrew
    Jason Call as Petruchio
    Joey Weinstein as Tranio
    Patsy Morely as Katherine
    Paul Jacques for Director
  • Shakespeare in the Vines
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged
    Brandon Dean as Featured Performer
    Garrett Michael Langston as Featured Performer
    Michael Tubman as Featured Performer
    Sheila Ryle as Director
  • Standing Room Only Productions
  • Aladdin Jr.
    Karla J. Franko for Choreographer
  • Sturges Family Playhouse
  • The Sound of Music
    Amy Carillo as Maria
  • Temecula Performing Arts Company
  • Oliver Twist
    Bryan Inman as Fagin
    C.J. Essary as Coldwell B. Cladwell
    Courtney Duncan as Little Sally
    Eric Ruiter as Officer Lockstock
    Jillian Stones for Director
    Melissa Smith as Hope Cladwell
    Mitchell Peck as Bobby Strong
  • Temecula Valley Players
  • A Christmas Carol
    Jeremy Lapp for Director
    Brighton Beach Memoirs
    Alex Brown as Eugene Morris Jerome
    Grant Tingley as Stanley
    Hillary Willhite as Kate
    Mark McCullough as Technical Director
    Terri Miller Schmidt for Director
    Garrett Langston as Renfield
    Parallel Lives
    Kathy Forbes as Featured Performer
    The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    Billy Clebeck as The Sheriff
    Debra Faye as Jewel
    Patti Drew as Ms. Mona
  • The Ramona Bowl Repertory Theatre
  • The Sound of Music
    Darren DePriest for Scenic Design
    Dimyana Pelev as Maria
  • Triple Threat Academy
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Kristina Rasband for the Narrator
    Joseph J. Arreola for Director
    Kristen Mowry as Chris Gorman
    Nick Tierce as Lenny Ganz
    Scott Garcia as Ernie Cusack
  • Yucaipa Little Theater
  • High School Musical
    Geri Marquez for Choreographer
    Kathleen Woolsey as Ms. Darbus
    Michael Hjortnaes as Troy Bolton