2006 ITL Awards

2006 Inland Theatre League Awards

The 2006 ITL Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 11, at 7:30 p.m., at the Landis Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Riverside Community College. All ITL nominees from 2006 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

2006 Special Award Winners

  • Liz Sabicer — For the coordination of the Benefit 4 Barbara event, which raised about $10,000 to benefit Barbara Chiafalo, a local actress who suffered a brain aneurysm in March 2006.
  • Maxine Izzi — For outstanding support and lifetime achievement to the Inland Theatre League.
  • Honoring Sturgis Family Playhouse on the anniversary of their 10th season.
  • Honoring Rialto Community Players on the anniversary of their 25th season.
  • Honoring Junior University on the anniversary of their 45th season.
  • Honoring Riverside Children's Theatre on the anniversary of their 50th season.

2006 Winners and Nominees

  • Actor's Contemporary Theatre
  • A Chorus Line
    Jimmy Lambert as Mike
    Kiss Me Kate
    Ashley Lohman as Lili Vanessi / Katherine
    Beverly Stephenson for Producer / Director
    Designs by King for Scenic Design
    Jason Call as Frederic C. Graham / Petruchio
    Paige Patterson as Lois Lane
    Scott Garcia as First Gangster
    Songs for a New World
    Anthony Manough as Anthony
    Bill Strawn for Lighting Design
    Debbie Prutsman as Deb
    Don York for Music Director
    Joseph James Arreola for Director
    Katie Marienthal as Amy
    Paul Kehler as David
  • At The Grove Productions
  • The Full Monty
    Afton Quast as Vicki Nichols
    Ann Thomas as Jeanette Burmeister
    Bill Hutton as Jerry Lukowski
    Brian O'Halloran for Musical Director
    Joe Settineri as Malcom MacGregor
    Juan Guillen as Ethan Girard
    Pete E. Cole as Noah (Horse) T. Simmons
    Richard Hochberg for Director
    Sean Williams as Teddy Slaughter / Buddy (Keno)
    Steve Yudson as Harold Nichols
    Topher Mauerhan as Dave Bukatinsky
    Tricia Delaney as Georgie Bukatinsky
    Zachary Jacobson as Nathan Lukowski
  • Broadway High Children's Theatre Arts Academy
  • Annie
    Geaneen Archer for Director
    Jennifer Stuart as Miss Hannigan
    Jordan Gravatt as Rooster Hannigan
    Kristina Rasband as Grace
    Richard Hernandez as Warbucks
    Shannon Ponn as Annie
    Vivienne Russell for Director
    Peter Pan
    Gina Estelle as Smee
    Roxanne Wakoski as Peter Pan
    Seussical the Musical
    Geaneen Archer for Artistic Director
    Roxanne Wakoski as the Sour Kangaroo
    Shannon Ponn as JoJo
    Valerie Schiro as Gertrude McFuzz
    Vivienne Russell for Artistic Director
  • California Baptist University
  • The Diary of Anne Frank
    John Carter for Scenic Design
    Rebekah Auda as Anne Frank
  • Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
  • Anything Goes
    Douglas Austin for Music Director
    Erika Amato as Reno Sweeney
    Jason W. Webb as Billy Crocker
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    Victor Hernandez as Moonface Martin
    Misty Cotton as Eve
    Jennifer Strattan as Joy
    Kathryn Lee as Portia
    Barbara Hinrichsen as Mama Rose
    Cassandra Murphy as Louise
    Danny Michaels as Herbie
    Erin Granahan as Tessie-Tura / Miss Cratchit
    Kickin' Country
    Lisa Layne as Featured Soloist
    Mike Eberhardt as Kickin' Country Cowboy
    Smokey Joe's Café
    Alan Waddington for Orchestra Director
    Charna Felthous as Featured Performer
    Christia Mantzke as Featured Performer
    Destiny Lofton as Featured Performer
    Don Le Master for Music Director
    Frankie Leon as Featured Performer
    Geoffrey Voss as Featured Performer
    Jeff Baker as Featured Performer
    Lawrence "Skoota" Cummings as Featured Performer
    Paul David Bryant as Featured Performer
    Paul David Bryant for Director / Choreographer
    Vonetta Mixson as Featured Performer
    The Pirates of Penzance
    Casey Marshall as The Pirate King
    Daniel Thomas for Music Director
    Richard Bermudez as Frederic
    Sarah Elizabeth Combs as Mabel
  • Canyon Lake Community Theatre
  • 42nd Street
    Ashley Post as Peggy Sawyer
    Larry Cruz as Abner Dillion
    Micah Macias as Billy Lawlor
    Micah Macias for Music Director
    Monty Jordan as Julian Marsh
    Robin Felix for Choreographer
    Scott King for Director
    Tracey Vartanian as Dorothy Brock
  • CAT Corona
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Charissa Hogeland as Helena
    Korken Alexander as Oberon
    Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
    Adam Higelin as Alexander
    Beauty and the Beast
    Elin Pittman for Costumes
    John Moody for Scenic Design
    Matt Eden as Gaston
    Pam Moody for Scenic Design
    Sue Green for Costumes
    Andrew Pervorse as Charlie Dalrymple
    Guys and Dolls
    Andrew Pervorse as Nicely-Nicely Johnson
    Charissa Hogeland as Sarah Brown
    Drew Ward for Director
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Matt Eden as Sky Masterson
    Rebecca Schubert for Music Director
    Sallie Griffin as Miss Adelaide
    T. Joel Fairley for Director
    Into the Woods
    Adam Price as Cinderella's Prince / Wolf
    Ben Stultz as Jack
    Christopher Marsh as the Baker
    Drew Ward as Rapunzel's Prince
    Jennifer Reeve as Little Red Riding Hood
    Lori Hennebelle for Costumes
    Rebecca Schubert as the Baker's Wife
    T. Joel Fairley for Director
    The Miracle Worker
    Emily Green as Annie Sullivan
    Nicole Shelton as Helen Keller
    The Secret Garden
    Amanda Achen as Martha
    Brittney Alwin as Lily
    Carla Moser for Costumes
    Charissa Hogeland as Rose
    Emily Moody as Mary Lennox
    Marilyn Griffin for Director
    Mike Gibson for Lighting Design
    Rebecca Schubert for Music Director
    Tyler Breslin as Archibald Craven
  • Chino Community Children's Theatre
  • Jack and the Giant
    Anastazia Tillett as Susan
    Jillian Bakke as Housekeeper
    Nicholas Velasco as Jack
    Les Miserables: Student Edition
    Emily Estep as Eponine
    Jennifer McHugh for Director
    Jennifer McHugh for Music Director
    Luis Rodriguez as Grantaire / Various Roles
    Paul Hovannes as Jean Valjean
    Sergio Perelli as Enjoiras / Constable
    Taryn Turney as Fantine
    Tony Jaksha as M. Thenardier
  • Chino Community Theatre
  • Dinner with Friends
    Jeffrey D. Deards as Gabe
    Julie Mort as Karen
    Kadn Fox as Tom
    I Do! I Do!
    Gracie Arvizu as Agnes
    Joanne F. Karr for Director
    Peter Schulz as Michael
    It Runs in the Family
    Daniel Mason Smith as Dr. Hubert Bonney
    Todd Paul Brown as Dr. David Mortimore
    Mama Drama
    Deborah Ann Loomer as Anna
    Gracie Arvizu as Leah
    Harri-J Cardiel as Everyone Else
    Julia Putnam as Danny
    Melodie Henderson as Megan
    Toni Lynd as Liz
    Toni Lynd for Director
    The Foreigner
    Danielle Stewart as Catherine
    Ethan Totten as Ellard
    Kadn Fox as Owen
    Kadn Fox for Scenic Design
    Paul Chambers as Charlie
    Peter York as Froggy
    Rhesa Richards for Director
    Sallie Sauer as Betty
    Two Rooms
    Jeremy Jay Magouirk as Michael Wells
    Michele Richardson as Lainie Wells
    Patti Drew as Ellen Van Oss
  • Courtyard Dinner Theatre (Ramona Bowl Assoc.)
  • The Sunshine Boys
    Arthur Conn as Willie Clark
  • CrossWinds Community Theatre
  • Bye Bye Birdie
    Jessica Saiz as Ursula Merkle
    Jimmy Saiz as Conrad Birdie
  • CSU San Bernardino
  • The Bacchae of Euripides
    Andre Harrington for Costume Design
  • CYT of Temecula Valley
  • Annie
    Alexis Thomson as Annie
    Melissa Smith as Grace Farrell
    Taylor Longbrake as Molly
    Annie Killen as Joy
    Caprice Dehlinger as Cinderella
    Katie Elledge as Fairy Godmother
    Lindsey Iversen as Portia
  • Fictitious Theatre Company
  • Romeo and Juliet
    Bethany Beal as Juliet
    Bianca Swan as Nurse
    Chuck Abernathy as Friar
    Michael Matthys as Mercutio
    Nate Gross for Director
  • Fontana Mummers
  • California Suite
    Molly Gross as Millie Michael
    Rob Foley as Marvin Michael
  • Green Room Productions
  • Sequins
    Adam Demerath as The Dads
    Barbara Chiofalo as Karina
    Debbie Prutsman as Ms. Allyson
    Dennis Kyle as Anthony Barrie
    Gregory Nabours for Original Music & Vocal
    Jennifer Clinton as Ashley
    Jennifer Lawson as The Moms
    Jordan Beck as Jared
    Jordan Beck for Book and Lyrics
    Jordan Beck for Director
    Stephanie Wall as Elizabeth
  • Heartland Players
  • Bye Bye Birdie
    Alex Myerchin as Conrad Birdie
    Aniah Simons as the Sad Girl
    April A. Lopez as Mrs. MacAfee
    Darah Carattini-Garcia as Rose Alvarez
    Dustin Ceithamer as Albert Peterson
    Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
    Emily Lopez as Kim MacAfee
    Terri Izen for Director
    The Princess and the Pauper
    Dimyana Pelev as the Princess Dinarazde
  • In The Company Community Theatre
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    AJ Mendoza as Tom Sawyer
    Randy Ingram as Doc Robinson / Lanyard Bellamy
    You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
    Angela Marie Sanicola as Lucy
    Beverly Baird for Director
    Bill Risinger for Music Director
    Jordan Beck as Snoopy
    Kathy Stockard as Sally
    Kendall Lloyd as Charlie Brown
  • Junior University
  • Sleeping Beauty
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    Darah Carattini-Garcia as Lucretia
    James S. Griffin for Director
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Artist
    Lisa Lyons for Music Director
    Mary Kintner for Costume Design & Construction
  • LifeHouse Theatre
  • Cinderella
    Diana Handy as Godmother
    Love and Laughter
    John Nowak for Scenic Design & Properties
    Karen Kennedy as Natasha / Popova
    Maddison Rickard as Pinocchio
    Mitch Stark as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Swiss Family Robinson
    Brad Roseborough as Pastor James Robinson
    The Hiding Place
    Karen Kennedy as Corrie ten Boom
    Rebecca Yarbrough as Betsie ten Boom
    Rick Arias as Chief of Police / Lt. Rahms
    Tom Sawyer
    Amy Carrillo as Aunt Polly
    Diana Handy as the Gospel Singer
    Gregory L. McConnell as Muff Potter
  • MSJC - Menifee Campus
  • Sweeney Todd
    Alexis Laney as Tobias Ragg
    Christopher Kiser for Scenic Design
    John Wesley Leon as Sweeney Todd
    Lori Torok for Director
    Shevon Harrington as Mrs. Lovett
    The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail
    Jeremy Laney as Henry David Thoreau
    Lori Torok for Director
    Mark Branyon as Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • MSJC - San Jacinto Campus
  • A Class Act
    Alicia Gifford as Lucy
    Holly O'Farrell for Choreographer
    Holly O'Farrell for Director
    Ivan Borntrager as Ed Kleban
    Janine Wills as Felicia
    Julie Adams for Music Director
    Rebecca DeRoche as Sophie
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Hamlet
    The Spitfire Grille
    Julia Chavez as Percy Talbott
    Rick Hoglund for Music Director
  • Murrieta Repertory Theatre
  • I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
    Brandon Dean as Man #1
    Christa Havenhill as Woman #1
    Jason Call as Man #2
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Tammie Pontsler as Woman #2
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Alisa Lovas as Nurse Ratched
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy for Director
    Daniel Baca as Cheswick
    Gabriel Morales as Chief Bromden
    Howard Ray Patterson as Scanlon
    Jim Marbury as R.P. McMurphy
    Lodi Zubko as Dale Harding
    Michael Eastman as Martini
    Scott Narver as Billy Bibbitt
  • OnStage Musicals
  • Moll Flanders
    Adrian Zmed as Multiple Roles
    Cindy Robinson as Moll Flanders
    Jessica Evans as Anne
    Jim Alexander for Director
    Manda Lutsky as Elizabeth
    Richard Stover for Book, Music and Lyrics
    Richard Stover for Conductor
    Valerie Tullous as Multiples Roles
  • Performance Riverside
  • Damn Yankees
    Elizabeth Mendoza as Doris
    Jason W. Webb as Joe Hardy
    John La Londe as Benny Van Buren
    Juliet Fisher-Schulein as Lola
    Allen Christopher as Curtis Taylor, Jr.
    Amber Thompson as Larrelle Robinson
    Charisse Barard as Deena Jones
    Jeff Baker as Claridge Conrad (C.C.) White
    John Vaughan for Director
    Sherman McLaurin as Jimmy (James Thunder) Early
    Vonetta Mixson as Effie Melody White
    Bets Malone as Eva Peron
    David Beaver as Magaldi
    Jason W. Webb as Che
    Lee Martino for Choreographer
    Smokey Joe's Café
    Charna Felthous as Featured Performer
    Christia Mantzke as Featured Performer
    Christopher James Culberson as Featured Performer
    Destiny Lofton as Featured Performer
    Ditanyon Demps as Featured Performer
    Don Le Master for Music Director
    Geoffrey Voss as Featured Performer
    Lawrence "Skoota" Cummings as Featured Performer
    Paul David Bryant as Featured Performer
    Paul David Bryant for Director / Choreographer
    Vonetta Mixson as Featured Performer
    The Music Man
    Beth Mendoza as Mrs. Paroo
    Branch Woodman for Choreographer
    Branch Woodman for Director
    John LaLonde as Harold Hill
    Teri Bibb as Marian Paroo
  • Performance Riverside - Family Series
  • Schoolhouse Rock Live!
    Jennifer Wilcove as Dina
    Jennifer Young Lawson for Producer / Director
    John La Londe as Joe
  • Play With Your Food Productions
  • A Little Quickie
    Cesaria Hernandez as Sara Tanner
    David Tatham as Allen Feldman
    Laura Celaya-Robitaille for Director
    There's a Burglar in My Bed
    Frank Siebke as William Davis
    Leia Redmond as Marianne Van Kleeff
  • Ramona Hillside Players
  • All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten
    Amanda Burr as Mandy
    The Bad Seed
    Duane Minard as Leroy
    Eden Rose Friend as Rhoda Penmark
    The Queen of Bingo
    Amanda Burr as Babe
  • Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre
  • You Can't Take It With You
    Hope Davidson as Essie Carmichael
    Jason Sims-Prewitt as Donald
    John Lynd for Director
    Paige Gulck as Alice Sycamore
    Sam Nisbett as Boris Kolenkhov
    Ted Bergeson as Martin Vanderhof
  • RCC Off-Broadway Play Series
  • Assassins
    Amy Struxness as Sara Jane Moore
    Bobby Nafarrete for Music Director
    Brandon Carlin as Lee Harvey Oswald
    Carlos Anthony as Balladeer
    Christopher Diehl as Charles Guiteau
    David Lee as John Hinkley
    Gregory Nabours as John Wilkes Booth
    Jeffrey Sherwood as Leon Czolgosz
    Jerry Longman for Technical Director
    Jodi Julian for Director
    Kevin Taylor as Samuel Byck
    Mark Haines for Lighting Design
    Stephanie Rose as Lynette Fromme
    Marvin's Room
    Deborah W. McFatter as Aunt Ruth
    Kristopher Bramlett as Hank
    The Diviners
    Caron James for Costumes
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Jeff Richards as Ferris Layman
    Jeff Sherwood as C.C. Showers
    Jeffrey Fargo as Buddy Layman
    Jerry Longman for Scenic Design
    Lynne Ennis as Norma Henshaw
    Mark Haines for Lighting Design
    Robin Litt as Jennie Mae Layman
  • RCC Summer Conservatory
  • Grease!
    Davey Lee as Doody
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    Mark Henson for Music Director
  • Redlands Footlighters
  • Black Coffee
    Chuck Abernathy as Captain Arthur Hastings, O.B.E.
    John Lynd for Director
    Phillip Gabriel as Hercule Poirot
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
    Tom Hurst for Set Dressing
    Vicki Janis for Set Dressing
    Bullshot Crummond
    Buffy Guzenski as Miss Rosemary Fenton
    Cynthia Lake for Director
    Kevin Kahn as Otto Van Brunno
    Phillip Gabriel as Hugh Bullshot Crummond
    C. Denise Morgan for Director
    Janet McClellan as Mrs. Piper
    Timothy Fischer as Det. Supt. Baxter
    Laughter on the 23rd Floor
    Anthony Harris as Kenny
    Kevin Bray as Max Prince
    Mark Allen-Everett for Director
    Spencer Mansouri as Ira
    Morning's At Seven
    Alexis Rafter as Myrtle Brown
    Deborah W. McFatter as Esther Crampton
    Dick McCarty as Carl Bolton
    Gail Walker as Ida Bolton
    Henry Nickel as Homer Bolton
    Jeff Richards as Theodore Swanson
    Mary Kennelly as Aaronetta Gibbs
    Sue Boldt as Cora Swanson
    Tom Hurst for Director
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
    Vicki Janis for Costumer
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Sylvia
  • Redlands Shakespeare Festival
  • A Comedy of Errors
    Chris Marler as Antipholus of Syracuse
    Clark Elder Morrow as Dromio of Syracuse
  • Redlands Theatre Company
  • Bye Bye Birdie
    Casiha Felt as Rose Alvarez
  • Rialto Community Players
  • A Flea in Her Ear
    Adam Demerath as Camille Chandel
    Bradford Reed as Feraillon
    Brandon M. Nichols as Romain Tournel
    Jean Mosteller for Costume Design & Construction
    Joey Mercado as Lucienne
    Kerry Jones as Yvonne Chandel
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Design
    Mark Swangel as Victor-Emmanuel Chandel / Poche
    Michael Charles as Baptistin
    Phil Parker as Finanche
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Design
    Toni Lynd for Director
    Travis Rhett Wilson as Etienne
    Valerie Van Brocklin as Olympe
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Candy Kane as Abby Brewster
    David Christison as Dr. Einstein
    Jean Mosteller for Costume Design & Construction
    Ken Mosteller for Scenic Design
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Artist
    Kerry Jones for Set Decoration
    Lisa Lanier for Director
    Mike Hanrahan as Teddy Brewster
    Randall Lopez as Jonathan Brewster
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Artist
    Sandy Courtney for Set Decoration
    Lie, Cheat and Genuflect
    Adam Demerath as Tom Buckle
    Brandon Coles as Billy Buckle
    Kerry Jones for Director
    Michelle Pedersen as June
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Design and Set Decoration
    Valerie Van Brocklin for Director
    Yukilynn McElvaine as Miss Macintosh
    Once Upon a Mattress
    Candy Kane for Costumes
    Deborah W. McFatter as Queen Aggravain
    Jennifer M. DeWitt as Princess Winnifred the Wobegone
    Jeremy Wiley as Prince Dauntless the Drab
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Michelle Kiphut for Costumes
    Scott Morrill as King Sextimus, the Silent
    Tom Kirkpatrick for Scenic Design
    The Complete History of America (Abridged)
    Chuck Kuhn as Various Roles
    Jim Jenkins as Various Roles
  • Riverside Community Players
  • Cole
    Arturo Cabrera as Featured Performer
    Beverly Crowe as Featured Performer
    Bill Wolfe as Featured Performer
    Bill Wolfe for Music Director
    Flint Murfitt-Lutey as Featured Performer
    Jillian Green as Featured Performer
    Joey Mercado as Featured Performer
    Joshua Beld as Featured Performer
    Julia Putnam for Choreographer
    Mel Chadwick as Featured Performer
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Nikki Ott for Women's Costumes
    Trista Olivas as Featured Performer
    Win Carey for Men's Wardrobe
    Funny Money
    Henry Nickel as Davenport
    Ken Lay as Vic Johnson
    Kendra Nicholson as Jean Perkins
    Lance Todd Christiansen for Director
    Paul Howard as Bill
    Timothy Fischer as Henry Perkins
    Chris Marler as Mark McPherson
    Kevin Bray as Waloo Lydecker
    Phil Holmer for Director
    Sandra Ford as Laura (the Girl)
    Terra Nova
    Adam Demerath as Evans
    Dona Sisk for Properties
    Jeffrey D. Deards as Amundsen
    Joe Musil as Robert Scott
    Ken Lay as Bowers
    Lance Todd Christiansen as Wilson
    Mario M. Sanchez for Scenic Design
    Mario M. Sanchez for Technical Director
    Mel Chadwick as Oates
    Nikki Ott for Costumes
    Patrick Brien for Director
    The Play's The Thing
    Alan Price as Sandor Turai
    Bill Hoag as Johann Dwornitschek
    Dona Sisk for Technical Director
    Joe Musil for Director
    Ken Lay as Almady
    Kerry Jones as Ilona Szabo
    Rick Sisk for Technical Director
    Travis Rhett Wilson as Mell
    Trevor Boles as Albert Adam
    Wayne Astin as Mansky
    Win Carey for Costumes
  • Riverside Community Players - Family Series
  • A Christmas Carol
    Joe Musil as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Wayne Astin as Narrator
  • Riverside Youth Theatre
  • 101 Dalmatians
    Andrea Boggio for Costumes
    Ethan Park for Director
    Taylor Mahaffey as Cruella De Vil
    Erin Wiltchik as a Disciple
    Gelsey Laurie as Featured Dancer
  • San Bernardino Valley College
  • Of Mice and Men
    Dominic Zamora as Lennie
    John-David Wiese as George
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Jeanette Wolfarth as Jean Louise "Scout" Finch
  • San Jacinto Valley Shakespeare Festival (MSJC)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Cesaria Hernandez as Hermia
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Oberon
    Jane Wilder-O'Connor for Costume Design
    Jim Marbury as Nick Bottom
    John-David Wiese as Robin Goodfellow "Puck"
    Paul Jacques for Director
    Shirin Behrouzfard as Helena
  • Sandbox Theatre Company
  • Bat Boy, the Musical
    Jamison Daniels as the Bat Boy
    Stephanie Barnum as Meredith Parker
  • Shakespeare in the Vines
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Alex Coe as Demetrius
    Carissa Coss as Hermia
    Eric Durbin as Puck
    Sheila Havens Ryle for Director
  • Standing Room Only Productions
  • 42nd Street
    Karla J. Franko for Choreographer
  • Temecula Performing Arts Company
  • Aladdin Jr.
    Amanda Romero as Iago
    Eric Ruiter as Genie
    Justin Duchi as Jafar
    Once Upon a Mattress
    Ashley Nordland as Lady Larken
    Beverly Stephenson for Choreographer
    Brittney Noelle Moss as Princess Winnifred
    Jillian Stones for Director
    Kristen Mowry as Queen Aggravain
    Mitchell Peck as Minstrel
    Sean Kiralla as Jester
    Sean Kiralla for Choreographer
  • Temecula Valley Players
  • Scrooge the Musical
    Jason Call as Bob Cratchit
  • The Ramona Bowl Repertory Theatre
  • Grease!
    Cesaria Hernandez as Frenchy
    Christa Havenhill as Sandy Dumbrowsky
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Danny Zuko
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Julia Chavez as Betty Rizzo
    Lorney O'Connor for Scenic Design
    Rick Hoglund for Music Director
    Ronald Layne Hoffman for Director
  • The Ramona Pageant Association
  • The Ramona Outdoor Play
    Jeannette Gardea as Ramona
    Vince Whipple as Alessandro
  • Theatrical Arts International
  • Dangerous Liaisons
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Le Vicomte de Valmont
  • Triple Threat Academy
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Alyssa Alpert as Mrs. Potts
    Amy Kaw for Music Director
    Britney Galido as Belle
    Cheryl Gorin for Choreographer
    Dan Boyd as Lumiere
    Garrett Torres as Lefou
    Paul Kehler for Director
  • Yucaipa Little Theater
  • Cats
    Bill Smith as Skimbleshanks
    Geri Marquez for Choreographer
    Geri Marquez for Director
    Kim Stewart-Robel for Choreographer
    Sam Bell as Munkustrap
    Stephanie Presley as Jellylorum
    Into the Woods
    Adrian Rodarte as the Baker
    Amy Carrillo as the Baker's Wife
    Christine Presley for Director