2005 ITL Awards

2005 Inland Theatre League Awards

The 2005 ITL Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 12, 2006, at the Landis Performing Arts Center, located on the campus of Riverside Community College. All ITL nominees from 2005 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

2005 Special Awards of Excellence

  • Ralph Andrews — For Outstanding Support and Lifetime Achievement to the Inland Theatre League and community theatres in the Inland Empire.
  • Beverly Stephenson — For Outstanding Dedication and Support to the Temecula theatre community and the creation of the Old Town Temecula Community Theatre.
  • Honoring In The Company Community Theatre on the anniversary of their 10th season.
  • Honoring Redlands Footlighters on the anniversary of their 60th season.

2005 Winners and Nominees

  • Actor's Contemporary Theatre
  • Jekyll and Hyde
    Ashley Lohman as Emma Carew
    Cheri Gorin as Lucy Harris
    Greg Starkey as Gabriel John Utterson
    Leslie Vecchione for Director
    Natalie Bout for Choreographer
    Paul Kehler as Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde
    Paul Kehler for Lead Vocal Director
    You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
    Paul Kehler as Schroeder
    Tysa Curry as Sally Brown
  • Alliance for the Performing Arts / "The Place"
  • Annie Get Your Gun
    Madelyn Jones as Little Girl
  • At The Grove Productions
  • Gilligan's Island: The Musical
    Angeline Carr as Ginger Grant
    Ginger Kinison as Mary Ann Summers
    Howard S. Wilson for Scenic Design
    Jeff Wilson as Willy Gilligan
    Michael Buczynski as Thurston Howell III
    Pam Wilson for Scenic Design
    Tom Kirkpatrick as Dr. Roy "The Professor" Hinkley
    Man of La Mancha
    Brandon Crane as Padre
    Calvin Remsberg for Director
    Calvin Remsberg for Scenic Design
    Dominik Krzanowski for Lighting Design
    Frank Dickson for Draw Bridge Design
    Frank Dickson for Scenic Design
    Isaac Keith Swann as Governor / Innkeeper
    Julio Villegas as Manservant / Sancho Panza
    Keith McHugh for Draw Bridge Design
    Mark MacKenzie for Draw Bridge Design
    Steve Yudson as Miguel de Cervantes / Don Quixote
    Tamminen Devine for Costumes
    The Wizard of Oz
    Caralie Kennedy as Dorothy
    Chuck Spitler as the Wizard / Professor Marvel
    Jeff Wilson as Scarecrow / Hunk
    Katie DeShan as Glinda
    Michael Buczynski as the Cowardly Lion / Zeke
    Pete E. Cole as Uncle Henry / Guard
    Vil Towers as Tin Man / Hickory
    You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
    Barbara Chiofalo as Lucy
    Heather Corrigan as Sally
    Jordan Beck as Snoopy
  • Broadway High Children's Theatre Arts Academy
  • Beauty and the Beast
    Dan Boyd as Lumiere
    Erin Rench as Belle
    Lloyd Bravo as Cogsworth
    Richard Hernandez as the Beast
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Erica Robledo as the Narrator
    Kristina Rasband as the Narrator
    The Wizard of Oz
    Aaron Russell as Munchkin Mayor
    Alan M. Pask for Director
    Alan M. Pask for Scenic Design
    Cosette Fuehrer for Costume Design
    Dave Russell as Professor / The Wizard
    Erin Rench as Glinda
    Kristina Rasband as Dorothy
    Kymm A. Pask for Costume Design
    Lexi Schaffer as Hank / Scarecrow
    Luke Rhoades as Zeke / Cowardly Lion
    Paula Arlich for Musical Director
  • California Baptist University
  • Rumors
    Clifton Murray as Officer Welch
    John Carter for Scenic Design
    John Carter for Technical Director
    Kendall Lloyd as Ernie Cusack
    Kyle Cook as Lenny Ganz
    Mary Pearce as Cookie Cusack
    Melodie Narramore Yocum for Producer / Director
    Smoke on the Mountain
    Brianna Lopez as Vera Sanders
    Bryan Hibbard as Burl Sanders
    Daniel Wilson as Dennis Sanders
    Devyn Smith as Denise Sanders
    John Carter as Stanley Sanders
    John Carter for Lighting Design
    John Carter for Scenic Design
    John Carter for Technical Director
    Judd Bonner for Musical Director
    Mary Elizabeth Pryfogle for Choreographer
    Melodie Narramore Yocum for Producer / Director
    Peter James Epler as Pastor Oglethorpe
    Stephanie Ritchie as June Sanders
  • California State University San Bernardino
  • Macbeth
    Andre Harrington for Costume Design
    Anthony Carreiro for Fight Choreographer
    Christina L. Munich for Lighting Design
    G.W. Rodriguez for Music Director
    Jason Heynen as Macbeth
    Kathryn Ervin as Hecate, Queen of the Witches
    Kelly Mosteller as Lady Macbeth
    Matt Scarpino for Properties
    Matt Scarpino for Scenic Design
    Stuart Lewis for Make-Up
    Tom Provenzano for Director
    Man of La Mancha
    Darah Carattini-Garcia as Aldonza
    Lee Lyons for Lighting Design
    Lisa Lyons for Music Director
    Margaret Perry for Director
    Mischa Tacchia as Padre Perez
    Rick Hoglund for Music Director
    The House of Blue Leaves
    Brent Shultz as Artie
    Chandra Partlow as Bananas
    David Sooter as Billy
    Jessica Floyd as Bunny
    Lee Lyons for Scenic Design
  • Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
  • Dreamgirls
    Douglas Austin for Music Director
    Tawney Dolley as Deena
    Ty London as Jimmy
    Vonetta Mixson as Effie
    Welton Thomas Pitchford as Curtis
    Forever Plaid
    Kevin McMahon as Jinx
    Ryan Drummond as Smudge
    Steve Gundersun as Sparky
    The Wonderful World of Christmas
    Allen Everman II as Mr. Kratoslavovich
  • CAT Corona
  • Bye Bye Birdie
    Andrew Monroe as Mr. Harry MacAfee
    Andrew Pervorse as Hugo Peabody
    Angela Bray as Rose Alvarez
    Brianna Hertzberg as Ursula
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Lori Hennebelle for Director
    Matt Eden as Albert Peterson
    Meet Me in St. Louis
    Andrew Pervorse as John Truitt
    Aran Broderick for Makeup
    Charissa Hogeland as Esther Smith
    Cherie Riley for Costumes
    Emily Green as Katie
    Emily Moody as Agnes Smith
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Janel Slater as Mrs. Anna Smith
    Jenny Hall as Rose Smith
    John Moody for Scenic Design
    Lori Hennebelle for Director
    Pam Moody for Scenic Design
    Rebecca Schubert for Vocal Director
    Tierney Lumary as Tootie Smith
    Cyndi Monroe as Reverend Mother
    Cyndi Monroe for Director
    Devyn Smith as Sister Mary Leo
    Patti Anderson as Sister Mary Amnesia
    Rebecca Schubert as Sister Mary Hubert
    Sheri Price as Sister Robert Anne
    Andrew Monroe as Will Parker
    Andrew Pervorse as Curly
    Brianna Hertzberg as Ado Annie Carnes
    Charissa Hogeland as Laurey
    Elin Pittman for Costumes
    Hollee Hennebelle for Choreographer
    John Moody for Scenic Design
    Matt Eden as Jud Fry
    Nicole Shelton as Aunt Eller
    Rebecca Schubert for Director
    Ron Hertzberg for Vocal Director
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Alan M. Pask for Director
    Amanda Gettinger as Alice
    Andrew Pervorse as Gideon
    Daniel Monroe as Daniel
    Elin Pittman for Costumes
    Emily Spencer Munson as Sarah
    Eric Vallee as Caleb
    Jennifer DeWitt as Liza
    Kristina Hampton as Millie
    Lori Hennebelle for Choreographer
    Mary Pearce as Dorcas
    Rebecca Schubert for Vocal Director
    Soda Pop Hop
    Elin Pittman for Costumes
    The U.S. "Oh No!" Christmas Show
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Velma Williams
    Jordan Monroe as Johnny Monroe
    Patti Anderson as Sally Adams
    Rebecca Schubert as Mary Nelson
    T. Joel Fairley as Harry Baskin
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Annie Lay as Scout Finch
    Cedric Benson as Tom Robinson
    Chevon Corlew as Calpurnia
    Christopher Marsh as Atticus Finch
    Chuck Abernathy as Bob Ewell
    Donovan Marcotte as Dill
    Elin Pittman for Costumes
    Isaac Monroe as Jem Finch
    John Lynd for Director
    Katie Klaus as Mayella Ewell
    Ken Lay as Heck Tate
    Vicky Irvine as Miss Maudie
  • Chino Community Children's Theatre
  • Fairytale Courtroom and other Fractured Fairytales
    Amanda Lee as Dorothy
    Donovan Marcotte as the Big Bad Wolf / Narrator
    Drew Hogan as Chairperson
    Katie Ramos as Little Red Riding Hood
    Toni Lynd for Director
    Trevor King as Dowager
    I Sincerely Doubt This Old House Is Very Haunted
    Diane Morales for Costumes
    Gaylene Lee for Costumes
    Jill Haney for Lobby Bios
    Jillian Bakke as Cleo / Maid
    John Lynd for Director
    Luis Rodriguez as Billy Joe
    Michael Gutierrez as Ollie Oops
    Nicholas Velasco as Vincent
  • Chino Community Teen Theatre
  • Footloose
    Brooke Peterson for Music Director
    Christopher Cadena as Rev. Shaw Moore
    Emily Estep as Ethel McCormick
    John Morphis as Willard
    Julia Cabral as Rusty
    Katie Campbell as Vi Moore
    Raphael Knox as Toby
  • Chino Community Theatre
  • All My Sons
    Christopher Diehl as Chris Keller
    Daniel Mason Smith as Joe Keller
    Howard S. Wilson for Director
    Julie Kirkpatrick as Ann Deever
    Mary Kennelly as Kate Keller
    Tom Kirkpatrick for Lighting Design
    Tom Kirkpatrick for Scenic Design
    Cash on Delivery
    Bradford Reed as Norman McDonald
    Christopher Diehl as Eric Swan
    Joanne F. Karr for Director
    Karen Gentry as Brenda Dixon
    Nicholas Prelesnik as George Jenkins
    Roger Hotard for Scenic Design
    Anna-Suzette de Gallegos as Louise / Gypsy Rose Lee
    Roxanne Maxwell as Mazeppa
    Jake's Women
    Denise Morgan as Karen
    Emily Estep as Molly (at 21)
    Gracie Arvizu as Maggie
    Julia Putnam as Julie
    Merrilee Drake as Edith
    Todd Paul Brown as Jake
    Toni Lynd for Director
    Toni Lynd for Scenic Design and Dressing
    Nuncrackers - The Nunsense Christmas Musical
    Catherine Dong as Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia)
    Debbie Wolgemuth as Sister Mary Hubert
    Diane Morales for Costumes
    Gaylene Lee as Sister Robert Anne
    Gaylene Lee for Costumes
    Kadn Fox as Father Virgil Manly Trott
    Roxanne Maxwell as Sister Mary Regina
    Terna Aili Sepulveda as Sister Mary Leo
    Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
    Bradford Reed as Various Roles
    Larry Morgan for Director
    Michael Barrett as Various Roles
    Richard Flin Jr. as Various Roles
    Robert Flores Jr. as Various Roles
    William Yllanes as Various Roles
  • Courtyard Dinner Theatre
  • The Odd Couple
    Darren DePriest for Scenic Design
    Frank Siebke as Felix Ungar
    Ken Luber for Director
    Paul Runyon as Oscar Madison
  • Christian Youth Theater of Temecula Valley
  • The Emperor's New Threads
    Cassi Saville as Queen
    David Runkel as Vincent
    Jessica Idema as Julia
    Jessica Willits for Choreographer
    Molly Ananian for Costumes
    The Little Mermaid
    Chasey Curry as Cha Cha
    Troy Hussman as Willem
  • CrossWinds Community Theatre
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Cliff Plummer as Joseph
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Costume Design & Coordination
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Director
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Scenic Design
    Jimmy Saiz as Judah / Wailing Wife
    John E. Cote as Pharaoh
    John Koepp as Isaachar
    Larry M. Sandez as Simeon
    Radames Montes for Choreographer
    Rick Arias as Reuben
    Sarah Horn as the Narrator
    Stacey Montes for Choreographer
    Steve Wolgemuth for Music Director / Conductor
  • Fictitious Theatre Company
  • Much Ado About Nothing
    Heatherly Stephens as Beatrice
    Nathan Gross as Benedick
    Wendi A. Johnson for Director
  • Fontana Mummers
  • Done to Death
    Sharvette Edmonds as Jessica Olive
  • Heartland Players
  • Once Upon a Mattress
    Dustin Ceithamer as Sir Harry
    Eric Lopez as Prince Dauntless
    Julie Stephenson as Queen Aggravin
    Maria A. Brusati as Lady Merrill / Princess #12
    Mitch Stark as Minstrel
    Mitch Stark for Musical Director
    Monica Negrete as Lady Larken
    Samantha Newcombe as Jester
    Samantha Stephenson as Princess Winifred
    Sandi Stark for Director
    Steve Simons as King Sextimus the Silent
    The Foreigner
    Jeffrey DeWitt for Director
    Jeremy Prince as Ellard Simms
    Tamara K. Fernandez as Catherine Simms
  • In The Company Community Theatre
  • Seussical the Musical
    Bill Risinger for Director
    Dalene Smith for Costume Design
    Jim Oxley for Scenic Design
    Kathy Stockard as Gertrude McFuzz
    Lynda Fletcher as the Sour Kangaroo
    Mackenzie Ellis as Jojo
    Mark Michaels as Horton the Elephant
    Randy Ingram as the Cat in the Hat
    Sarah Ayotte as Mayzie La Bird
  • Isis Theatre Company
  • The Guys
    Michele Marsh as Joan
  • Junior University
  • The Adventures of Huck Finn
    Adrian Rodarte, Jr. as The King
    Andrew Doyle as Huck Finn
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    Donnell Powell as Jim
    G.W. Rodriguez for Lighting Design
    James Griffin as Pap Finn
    James S. Griffin for Director
    Jason R. Booth as The Duke
    Lisa Lyons as Widow Douglas
    Lisa Lyons for Music Director
    Mary Kintner for Costume Design & Construction
    Molly Griffin for Stage Manager
    Nicole Robinson for Choreographer
    Samantha Newcombe as Mary Jane Wilkes / Sophia Grangerford
    Scott Izen for Computer Generated Imaging
    Zack DeZon as the Narrator
  • LifeHouse Theatre
  • Esther!
    Dimyana Pelev as Esther
    Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
    Dustin Ceithamer for Co-Director
    Randall Hodges for Co-Director
    Randall Hodges for Lighting Design
    Tai Wazdatskey as Storyteller
    Tedd Smith as King Xerxes
    William R. Fernandez, Jr. as Haman
    Great Minds at The Round Table
    Wayne R. Scott for Director
    Wayne R. Scott for Writer
    Taylor A. Joseph as Joseph
    Miracle on 34th Street
    Jeffrey DeWitt for Director
    Jennifer DeWitt as Doris Walker
    Kenneth Wright as Kris Kringle
    Maddison Rickard as Susan Walker
    Michael Tennant as Mr. Sawyer
    Mary Lynn Mollner for Costume Design
    Pilgrim's Progress
    Diana Handy as Christiana
    Nathan Riley as Christian
    Jennifer DeWitt as Aunt Polly
    Nina Herzog as Pollyanna Whittier
    Sandi Stark for Director
    The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
    Mark Mosher for Make-Up
  • Mt. San Jacinto College - Menifee Campus
  • The Miracle Worker
    Blake Hadfield as Captain Keller
    Christa Havenhill for Director
    Christopher Kiser for Scenic Design
    Christopher Kiser for Technical Director
    Dane Johnston as James Keller
    Layla Dean as Annie Sullivan
    Lindsay Bytof as Aunt Ev
    Mari Kawamura as Helen Keller
    Rosalyn Kay Leon as Kate Keller
  • Mt. San Jacinto College - San Jacinto Campus
  • Blockbusters and Small Wonders
    Alfred Vargas as Featured Performer
    Alicia Gifford as Featured Performer
    David Parrott for Sound Design
    Gail Hoak for Director
    Holly O'Farrell for Choreographer
    Ivan Borntrager as Featured Performer
    Janine Miller as Featured Performer
    Jason Kramer for Costumes
    Julie Adams for Musical Director
    Lorney O'Connor for Scenic & Lighting Design
    Michelle Fischer as Featured Performer
    Patsy Morley as Featured Performer
    Peter Lehr as Featured Performer
    Rebecca De Roche as Featured Performer
    Pride's Crossing
    Brandon Carlson as Chandler Coffin / David Bloom
    Debradawn Shockey for Costume Design
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Michelle Fischer as Mabel Tidings Bigelow
  • Murrieta Repertory Theatre
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
    Allen Purchis as Big Daddy
    Ann Walker as Big Mama
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Brick
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Monica Reichl as Maggie
    Communicating Doors
    Alisa Lovas as Jessica
    Corrine Williams as Ruella
    Daniel Baca as Julian
    Jim Marbury as Reece
    Jim Marbury for Director
    Monica Reichl as Poopay and Phoebe
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy for Director
    D.D. Calhoun as Helga
    Joey Weinstein as Clifford
    Lodi Zubco as Sydney
    Plaza Suite
    Daniel Baca as Roy Hubley
    Penny Wagner as Norma Hubley
    Renee Carpio as Muriel Tate
  • Norco Theatre Conservatory
  • A Comedy of Errors
    Joline Curry as Adriana
    Yukilynn McElvain as Luciana
    A Flea in Her Ear
    Adam Demerath as Carlos Homenides de Histangua
    Adam Demerath for Director
    Brandon M. Nichols as Claude Deboshe
    Josh Gregory as Maurice Blase
    Peter Ticich as Victor Deboshe / Goshe
    Stevie Taken as Yvonne Deboshe
    Travis Rhett-Wilson as Perrier
    Adam Demerath as Emcee
    Adam Demerath for Scenic Design
    Jordan Beck for Choreographer
    Travis Rhett-Wilson as Herr Schultz
    Trista Olivas as Sally Bowles
    W. Buck Stevens for Executive Producer / Director
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Adam Demerath as Multiple Roles
    Brady Kerr for Orchestra (Keyboards)
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    The Bad Seed
    Christina Hill as Mrs. Daigle
    Tarra Halverson as Rhoda Penmark
    Travis Rhett-Wilson as Leroy
    Yukilynn McElvain as Monica Breedlow
  • Performance Riverside
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
    Aaron Williams as The Protean
    Al Yankee for Orchestra (Woodwinds)
    Ashley O'Connell as Panacea
    Beth Mendoza as Domina
    Brad Vaughan for Orchestra (Percussion)
    Branch Woodman as Hysterium
    Brian Bettger for Orchestra (Trumpet)
    Casey Garritano as The Protean
    Charlie Richard for Orchestra (Alto Clarinet)
    Cory Reeder as Marcus Lycus
    Danny Blaylock as Miles Gloriosus
    David Beaver as Hero
    Don Clarke for Orchestra (Trumpet)
    Don Le Master for Musical Director / Conductor
    Gary Krinke for Director
    Gary Tole for Orchestra (Trombone)
    Jeff Stover for Orchestra (Bass)
    Jeff Tower for Orchestra (Trombone)
    Jill Geist for Orchestra (Woodwinds)
    John Massey Jr. as Pseudolus
    John Reilly for Orchestra (Woodwinds)
    John Vaughan for Choreographer
    Keith Bishop for Orchestra (Woodwinds)
    Kelli M. Casas as Philia
    Krista Lenggiere as The Geminae
    Maile Leonard as Gymnasia
    Mark Prather for Orchestra (Trumpet)
    Matthew Kellaway as The Protean
    Michael Charles as Erronius
    Mike Zelazo for Orchestra (Trombone)
    NiNiesha Tucker as Vibrata
    Renee Liskey as Tintinabula
    Scott Smith for Orchestra (Synthesizer)
    Skip Harris as Senex
    Tony Ginter for Orchestra (Violin)
    Victoria Linder as The Geminae
    Fiddler on the Roof
    Allen Everman for Music Director
    Barbara Chiofalo as Hodel
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    Carey Curtis Smith for Director
    Chanlon Jay Kaufman as Perchik
    Ciro Barbaro as Tevye
    Daniel Volonte for Lighting Design
    Diane L. David for Stage Manager
    Dimyana Pelev as Chava
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Tzeitel
    Jennifer Bryce as Yente / Grandma Tzeitel
    Jo Dierdorff for Choreographer
    Jordan Beck as Mendel / Bottle Dancer
    Mark Everett as Lazar Wolf, the Butcher
    Mark Haines for Choreographer
    Rita Chenoweth for Choreographer
    Sofia Carreras for Choreographer
    Tom Andrew as Motel, the Tailor
    Amy Hitchcock as Jenny
    Bill Kilpatrick for Orchestra (Banjo)
    Bob Scarano for Orchestra (Guitar 1)
    Brenda Cox as Sarah
    Diane L. David for Stage Manager
    Don Le Master for Musical Director / Conductor
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Dana
    Kathryn Skatula as Margaret
    Laurel Hatfield as Jody
    Mare McConnell for Orchestra (Upright Bass)
    Meredith Einstein for Orchestra (Violin/Cello)
    Stephanie Wall as Jane
    Steven Young for Lighting Design
    Teri Bibb as Lisa
    Teri Ralston for Director
    Allen Everman II as Henry Ford
    Andrew Johnson as Harlem Ensemble
    Barbara Chiofalo as Evelyn Nesbit / Ensemble
    Charl Brown as Coalhouse Walker Jr.
    Chelsea Boggio as Girl
    Chevon Corlew as Sarah's Friend / Harlem Ensemble
    Chondra La-Tease Profit as Harlem Ensemble
    Curtis Lee Wiley as Harlem Ensemble
    Dan Robinson as Grandfather / Ensemble
    Danny Blaylock as J.P. Morgan
    Darah Carattini-Garcia as Harlem Ensemble
    David Beaver as Willie Conklin / Ensemble
    Debbie Prutsman as Emma Goldman
    Diane L. David for Stage Manager
    Don Le Master for Musical Director / Conductor
    Dr. Bill Vincent as Booker T. Washington
    Dylan Michael Thomas as Little Coalhouse
    Eric J. Olson as Tateh
    Frank Romeo as Father
    Hannah Wolgemuth as The Little Girl
    Jason Guffey as New Rochelle Ensemble
    Jeffrey Baker as Harlem Ensemble
    Jennifer A. Pryor as New Rochelle Ensemble
    Jordan Hall as Harlem Ensemble
    Katherine Larsen as New Rochelle Ensemble
    Keith Collins as New Rochelle Ensemble
    Kelli M. Casas as New Rochelle Ensemble
    Kirklyn Robinson as Girl
    Markeith Wiley as Harlem Ensemble
    Matthew Rocheleau as Mother's Younger Brother
    Nicole Pryor as Sarah
    Paul David Bryant for Director / Choreographer
    Performance Riverside for Scenic Design
    Quintan Craig as The Little Boy
    Richard Bermudez as Harry Houdini / Ensemble
    Stephanie Wall as New Rochelle Ensemble
    Steven Young for Lighting Design
    Teanna Elyse Berry as Harlem Ensemble
    Victoria Strong as Mother
    Zach Boggio as Boy
    The Fantasticks
    Barbara Chiofalo as Luisa
    Celia Chan Valerio for Harpist
    Damon Kirsche as El Gallo
    Daniel Volonte for Lighting Design
    David Beaver as Bellomy
    Diane L. David for Stage Manager
    Don Le Master for Musical Director / Conductor
    Dorie Couture for Sound Design
    John Massey Jr. as Hucklebee
    Jordan Beck as the Mute
    Nick DeGruccio for Director
    Nils Anderson as Henry
    Peter Musante as Matt
    Roger Ochs as Mortimer
  • Play With Your Food Productions
  • Good Grape Hunting
    Frank Siebke as Dr. William Beabore
    Gustavo Bermeo as Rudy Frudee
    Rochelle Reim as Trudy Frudee
    Social Security
    Amanda Burr as Trudy Heyman
    Bobbye Louise Ames as Barbara Kahn
    Claude "Case" Stuart as Maurice Koenig
    Crist P. Thomas for Director
    Jim Gillespie as David Kahn
    John Wesley Leon as Martin Heyman
    Marian Carter as Sophie Greengrass
    Who's In Bed With The Butler?
    Geoff White as William Davis Jr.
    Grace Lyon as Multiple Roles
    Jennifer Summers as Susie Legere
    Laura Celaya for Director
    Maxine Izzi as Constance Olden
    Paul Runyon as Clifton the Butler
    Suzanne Halford as Agnes
    Who's Under Where?
    Geoff White as Paul Pritchard
    Laura Celaya-Robitaille for Scenic Design and Construction
    Murray Robitaille for Scenic Design and Construction
  • Ramona Hillside Players
  • Bunco!
    Amanda Burr as Darla
    Janet Fulton as Jennifer
    Jeri Greene as Ann
    Jeri Greene for Playwright
    Mary F. Adams as Leslie
    Mary F. Adams for Director
    Hostile Witness
    Amanda Burr for Director
    John Wesley Leon as Simon Crawford Q.C.
    Mark Branyon as Charles Milburn
    The Taming of the Shrew
    Amanda Burr as Signoro Battia Minola
    Jef Olson as Petruchio
    Jef Olson for Director
    Lisa Thibodeaux as Tranio
    Mark Branyon as Grumio
    Rosalyn Kay Eaves as Katherina "The Shrew"
  • RCC Off-Broadway Play Series
  • Godspell
    Anthony Loa for Choreograper
    Gregory Nabours for Musical Director
    Jerry Longman for Scenic & Technical Design
    Jodi Julian for Director
    Jordan Maxwell as Judas
    Justin Harringer as Justin
    Kevin Taylor as Kevin
    Morgan Reynolds as Morgan
    Lend Me a Tenor
    David Koehn for Stage Manager
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Emily Cross as Maggie
    Janelle Book as Diana
    Jerry Longman for Lighting Design
    Jerry Longman for Scenic Design
    Jim Marbury as Tito Morelli
    John Shannon as Saunders
    Lisa Shannon as Maria
    Mary Ann Beaman as Julia
    Matthew Jackson as Max
    Nancy Bliss-Estes for Vocal Coach
    Richard Luna as Bellhop
    The Last Five Years
    Brent Strader for Musical Director
    The Normal Heart
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Eric Craig as Ned Weeks
    Jake Irwin as Bruce Niles
    Kevin Lopez as Felix Turner
    Paul Ledesma as Hiram Keebler
    Sheila Best as Dr. Emma Brockner
    You Can't Take It With You
    Aubrey Ball as Essie
    Caron James for Costumes
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Jerry Longman for Scenic & Lighting Design
    Linton Dean as Ed
    Richard Luna as Boris Kolenkhov
  • Redlands Footlighters
  • Breaking the Code
    Brandon M. Nichols as Nikos
    Pierre Beauregard as Alan Turing
    Rhesa Richards for Director
    Anthony Harris as Duane Wilson
    Brooklyn Allen for Scenic Design
    Deborah W. McFatter as Vera Louise Simmons
    Mark Allen Everett for Director
    Mel Chadwick as Elwood P. Dowd
    Tom Shelton as Dr. William R. Chumley
    I'm Not Rappaport
    Al Fowler for Bridge Design
    Al Fowler for Set Decoration
    Anthony Harris as Midge
    Burt Routman as Nat
    Jeff Richards for Director
    Lynne Wolf Sher as Clara
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
    Vicki Janis for Set Decoration
    Over the River and Through the Woods
    C. Denise Morgan for Director
    Cindy Capen for Set Decorations
    Dick McCarty as Frank Gianelli
    Eric Gruenler as Nunzio Cristano
    Frank Martinelli as Nick Cristano
    Mary Kennelly as Aida Gianelli
    Samantha Rasi as Caitlin O'Hare
    Susan Boldt as Emma Cristano
    Todd Paul Brown for Scenic Design
    Todd Paul Brown for Set Decorations
    Taking Steps
    Aimee-Beth Diamond as Kitty
    Brandon M. Nichols as Mark
    Denise Morgan as Leslie
    Lance Christiansen as Roland
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Sandra Ford as Elizabeth
    Todd Paul Brown as Tristam
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
    That Darn Plot
    Alan Price as Lloyd
    Alexis Kassel as Ivy Schreiver
    B.J. Stewart as Russell Croft
    Buffy Guzenski as Jo Harber
    Eric Gruenler as Geoffrey Regent
    Mike Hogan for Lighting Design
    S.G. "Fletch" Fletcher as Mark W. Transom
    Tom Hurst for Director
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
  • Redlands Shakespeare Festival
  • The Taming of the Shrew
    Greg Goodrich as Lucentio
    Paul Jacques as Petruchio
    Steven Sabel for Artistic Director
  • Rialto Community Players
  • Annie Get Your Gun
    Candy Kane for Director
    Dimyana Pelev as Winnie Tate
    Jennifer Clinton as Annie Oakley
    Sam Nisbett as Frank Butler
    Creatures of Light
    Christine Kolb for Director
    Thomik Deverien as Franks
    I Hate Hamlet
    Candy Kane as Lillian Troy
    Jeffrey D. Deards as John Barrymore
    JoAnn Williams for the Painting of John Barrymore
    Krissie Luke as Deirdre McDavey
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Design and Set Decoration
    Thomik Deverien for Director
    Val Hanson for Lighting Design
    Outlaws in Heaven
    Bob Fraley for Director
    Bob Fraley for Writer
    Candy Kane for Director
    Jeffrey D. Deards as Greg
    Rhesa Richards as Sylvia
    Thomik Deverien as Tom / Phyllis / Leslie
    The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged
    Chuck Kuhn as Multiple Roles
    Jim Jenkins as Multiple Roles
    John Nath as Multiple Roles
    Sharon Kuhn for Director
    The Rainmaker
    Adam Demerath as Jim Curry
    Candy Kane for Costumes
    Chris Marler as Noah Curry
    Dan Baldwin as File
    Jeffrey D. Deards as Bill Starbuck
    John Mossman as Sheriff
    Julia Putnam as Lizzie Curry
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Design and Set Decoration
    Mike Hanrahan as H.C. Curry
    Phil Parker for Sound Design
    Toni Lynd for Director
    Val Hanson for Lighting Design
  • Riverside Children's Theatre
  • Grease!
    Conner Munson as Teen Angel
    Diane Stephens & Committee for Costume Design
    Dylan Maurer as Eugene Emerson
    Jim McElmeel for Orchestra Conductor
    Miranda Arias as Patty Simcox
    Raven Vasquez as Marty
    Seussical the Musical
    David Mount for Orchestra Conductor
    Garrett Goodell as Horton the Elephant
    Haley Alford as the Baby Kangaroo
    Raven Trager as JoJo
    Savannah Chute as Mayzie LaBird
  • Riverside Community Players
  • Amadeus
    Adam Demerath as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Erin Perets as Costanza Weber-Mozart
    Frankie Deitzman for Costumes
    Joe Musil as Antonio Salieri
    Kris Carter as Venticelli
    Mario Sanchez for Light & Scenic Design
    Mario Sanchez for Technical Director
    Patricia Boyer McQuillan for Director
    Ted Dyer for Costumes
    Win Carey for Costumes
    Wm. Eric Burton as Johan Killian Von Strack, Chamberlain
    Crazy and a Half
    J.C. Beurer for Director
    Crossing Delancey
    Alisa Lovas as Isabelle
    Barbara Turino as Bubbie Kantor
    Deborah W. McFatter as Hannah Mandelbaum
    Frank Martinelli as Sam
    Jeffery Wymer as Tyler
    Kathryn L. Gage for Director
    Kathryn L. Gage for Scenic Design
    Ernest in Love
    Elizabeth England as Effie
    Joe Musil as Jack Worthing
    Julia Luster as Gwendolen Fairfax
    Julie Kirkpatrick for Musical Staging
    Kevin Keith as Algernon Moricrieff
    Kristin Aoun as Cecily Cardew
    Mel Chadwick as Dr. Chasuble
    Merrilee Drake for Costume Design and Women's Costumes
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Merrilee Drake for Scenic Design
    Robert Nicholas Williams as Lane
    Win Carey for Millinery and Men's Costumes
    Send Me No Flowers
    Adam Demerath as Vito / Ensemble
    Bill Hoag as Dr. Morrissey
    Bob Miller as Mr. Akins
    Gabriel Morales as George Kimball
    John Lynd for Director
    Kelly Von Pingel as Judy Kimball
    Phil Parker as Arnold Nash
    The Constant Wife
    Kevin Bray as John Middleton, F.R.C.S.
    Sandra Ford as Constance Middleton
    Susan Boldt as Marie-Louise Durham
    Ted Dyer for Costumes
    The Last Night of Ballyhoo
    Allana Matheis as Lala Levy
    Brandon M. Nichols as Joe Farkas
    Charles Baugh as Adolph Freitag
    Deborah W. McFatter as Reba Freitag
    Jeff Richards for Director
    Peter Ticich as Peachy Weil
    Sandra Claflin for Properties
    Susan Boldt as Boo Levy
  • Riverside Community Players - Family Series
  • A Christmas Carol
    Michael Charles as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Paul Jacques as the Narrator
    Charlotte's Web
    Connie Bates for Charlotte's Spider Costume
    Frankie Dietzman for Costumes
    Janet Dietzman for Costumes
    Joey Mercado as Multiple Roles
    Levi Hawkins as Wilbur
    Ted Dyer for Costumes
    Wayne Astin as Templeton
    Schoolhouse Rock Live!
    Adam Demerath as Joe
    Andrea McGuire as Dori
    Cherie Riley as Shulie
    Jennifer Young Lawson for Director
    Mark Haines as George
  • Riverside Little Opera
  • Amahl and the Night Visitors
    Kimberly Sogioka as Amahl's Mother
    Pucchini's "Gianni Schicchi"
    Ashley Barrett as Lauretta
  • Riverside Youth Theatre
  • Guys and Dolls
    Alyx Fuhriman as Arvida Abernathy
    Ashley Hancock as Miss Adelaide
    Caroline Sanchez as Miss Sarah Brown
    Casey Williams as Harry the Horse
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Producer / Director
    Randall Williams for Benny Southstreet
    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
    Aaron Wolgemuth as Twimble / Wally Womper
    Britney Anderson as Miss Jones
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Costume Coordination
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Producer / Director
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Scenic Design
    Ethan Park as Bud Frump
    Jimmy Saiz as J. Pierrepont Finch
    Julie Ann Thomazin as Rosemary Pilkington
    Megan Kimball as Hedy LaRue
    Radames Montes for Choreographer
    Stacey Montes for Choreographer
    Steve Wolgemuth for Music Director
  • San Bernardino Valley College
  • Marat Sade
    Denise Dales Jacobs for Director
    Jeanette Wolfarth as Charlotte Corday
    Jerry Longman for Scenic and Technical Design
    Jesus Guzman as Jean-Paul Marat
    Mario Garcia as Marquis De Sade
  • San Jacinto Valley Shakespeare Festival (MSJC)
  • Hamlet
    Cesaria Hernandez as Gertrude
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Hamlet
    Darren DePriest for Scenic Design
    David Parrott for Sound Design
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Greg Turley for Lighting Design
    Jeannette Gardea as Ophelia
    John Wesley Leon as Laertes
    Kathi Anderson for Costumes
    Paul Runyon as Polonius
    Walter Savell as The Ghost
  • Sturges Family Playhouse
  • The Pirates of Penzance
    Amy Carrillo as Ruth
    Amy Carrillo for Choreographer
    Christi Prescott for Costumes
    Cindy Hulterstrom as Mabel
    Donnie Bonelli as the Pirate King
    Lindsay Hlebasko for Director
    Lindsay Hlebasko for Music Director
  • Temecula Performing Arts Company
  • Into the Woods
    Brian Burtt as Rapunzel's Prince
    Jessica Hayes as the Baker's Wife
    Jillian Stones for Director
    Katie Eshelby as Little Red Riding Hood
    Leslie Vecchione for Director
    Mitchell Peck as Cinderella's Prince
    Rebecca Tudor as Cinderella
    Sylvia Wesolowski as the Witch
  • Temecula Valley Players
  • Annie Get Your Gun
    Angela Marie Sanicola as Annie Oakley
    Joseph James Arreola as Tommy Keeler
    Laura Macias as Winnie Tate
    Micah Macias as Charlie Davenport
    Paul Kehler as Frank Butler
    Scrooge the Musical
    Jason Call as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Jim Marbury as Jacob Marley
    Walter Savell as the Ghost of Christmas Present
  • The Ramona Bowl Repertory Theatre
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Alfred Vargas as Joseph
    Darren DePriest for Lighting Design
    Jeannette Gardea for Scenic Artist
    Patsy Morley as the Narrator
    Paul Jacques for Director
    Rick Hoglund for Music Director
    Ronald Layne Hoffman as Pharaoh
    B.R. Hicks as Jud Fry
    Christa Havenhill as Laurey
    Debradawn Shockey for Costume Design
    Greg Turley for Lighting Design
    Jordan Beck as Will Parker
    Jordan Beck for Choreographer
    Lynn Wiley as Aunt Eller
    Michelle Fischer as Ado Annie
    Paul Jacques as Curly
    Richard Gordon as Ali Hakim
    Rick Hoglund for Music Director
    Ron Murray for Director
  • The Ramona Pageant Association
  • The Ramona Outdoor Play
    Allen Purchis as Padre Salvedierra
    Daniel Martinez as Juan Canito
    Debradawn Shockey as Marguerita
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Jeannette Gardea as Ramona
    Marian Carter as Senora Moreno
    Mary F. Adams as Marda
    Pat Espinoza for Costume Supervisor
    Vincent Whipple as Alessandro
  • Theatre Royale
  • Les Miserables: Student Edition
    A.J. Pacheco as Thenadier
    Ashley Nordland as Eponine
    Brian Burtt as Enjolras
    C.J. Essary as Javert
    Designs By King for Costumes / Lighting / Properties / Scenic Design
    Garrett Torres as Marius
    Geoffrey Halgas as Gavroche
    Haley Gilliland as Madame Thenardier
    Ismaelena Serrano as Fantine
    Jason Kaiser for Master Stage Technician
    Jessica Hayes as Fantine
    Karen Sabicer for Music Director
    Kevin Noonan for Technical Director
    Kristen Mowry as Madame Thenadier
    Landon Pierce Lloyd as Enjolras
    Leslie Vecchione for Assistant Director
    Madyson King as Young Cosette
    Micah Macias for Assistant Music Director
    Mitchell Peck as Jean Valjean
    Richard Moss for Special Effects
    Scott King for Artistic Director
    Shannon Kilpatrick as Eponine
    Skyelar Nalley as Cosette
    Thomas Miller as Thenardier
    Troy Hussman as Gavroche
    Trudee Stevens for Costume Director
  • Theatrical Arts International
  • Footloose
    Andy Ferrara for Executive Producer / Director
    Brad DeLima as Ren McCormack
    Candice Nicole as Ariel Moore
    Desma Murphy for Scenic Design
    Eileen Barnett as Vi Moore
    Gregory North as Reverend Shaw Moore
    Heather R. Provost as Rusty
    Ian Santiago for Lighting Design
    James Leo Ryan as Willard Hewitt
    Julie Kirkpatrick as Ethel McCormack
    Paula Hammons Sloan for Choreographer
  • Yucaipa Little Theater
  • Grease!
    Christine Presley for Costumes
    Debbie Neil for Costumes
    Karla Billings for Costumes
    Michele Peters for Costumes
    The Wizard of Oz
    Bill Smith as the Cowardly Lion