2003 ITL Awards

2003 Inland Theatre League Awards

The 2003 ITL Awards Ceremony was held September 28, 2004, at Landis Auditorium on the campus of Riverside Community College. All ITL nominees from 2003 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

2003 Special Award Winners

  • Steve Ambrose — For outstanding contribution to local theatres (posthumous).
  • Sandy Courtney — For outstanding dedication to Rialto Community Players.
  • Steven A. Glaudini — For outstanding support and encouragement to the Inland Theatre League.
  • Brad Human — For excellent dedication to community theatre photography.
  • Bruce Hutchins — For outstanding contribution to the production Drop Dead.
  • F. Scott Karlan — For "Outstanding Contribution as Director" for Temescal Canyon High School's production of And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson.
  • David Koehn — For outstanding contribution to the production Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got The Will?
  • Natalie Nicole McDonald — For "Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role" as the character, Elizabeth Ann Willow, in Temescal Canyon High School's production of And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson.
  • Sam Nisbett — For outstanding contribution to the production Drop Dead.
  • Debbie Wolgemuth — For outstanding contribution and excellence to the Inland Theatre League.

2003 Winners and Nominees

  • At The Grove Productions
  • Annie Get Your Gun
    Anne Johnston-Brown as Annie Oakley
    Marcia Redmond for Costume Design
    The King and I
    Anne Johnston-Brown as Anna Leonowens
    Kiki Ratificar as Lady Thiang
    Marc Macalintal as Lun-Tha
    Michaelia Mendosa as Tuptim
    Robert M. Tully as the King of Siam
    Howard S. Wilson for Director
    Brian O'Halloran for Musical Direction
    Pam Wilson for Musical Direction
  • Broadway High Children's Theatre Arts
  • Grease
    Alan M. Pask for Choreographer
    Patricia Vicek for Choreographer
  • California Baptist University
  • The Music Man
    Angela Marie Sanicola as Marian Paroo
    Byron Yocum as Winthrop Paroo
    Danley Jenkins as Gracie MacKecknie Shinn
    J.D. Bennett as Traveling Salesman
    Jeff Travis as Traveling Salesman
    Karla Sanchez as Eulaie MacKecknie Shinn
    Matthew Paetz as Traveling Salesman
    Peter Epler as Traveling Salesman
    Scott Keys as Traveling Salesman
    Travis Collins as Harold Hill
    Vi Estel as Mrs. Paroo
    Wayne Swindall as Mayor Shinn
    Melodie Narramore Yocum for Director
    Tom Jenkins for Musical Director
    Jennifer Saul for Choreographer
    Mary Pryfogle for Choreographer
  • CAT Corona
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Ben Stultz as Judah
    Hollee Hennebelle as Choreographer
    Larry Pirkle for Set Design
    Brittany Suzano for Costumes
    Michelle Suzano for Costumes
    Matt Eden as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Rebekah Fairley as Christmas Past
    Lori Hennebelle for Costumes
    Elin Pittman for Costumes
    Tom Sawyer
    Jordan Monroe as Huckleberry Finn
    Larry Pirkle for Set Design
  • Chino Community Theatre
  • Cabaret
    Chris Hull as Herr Schultz
    Jason Prince as Emcee
    Graham Jackson for Musical Director
    Julia Putnam for Choreographer
    Hector Fernandez for Scenic Design
    Drop Dead
    Candy Kane as Constance Crawford / Lady Barrington
    Charles Stern as Sol Weisenheimer
    Darlena Roberts as Candy Apples / Penelope Barrington
    Denise Morgan as Mona Monet / Bette Barrington
    Mark Swangel as Brent Reynolds / Alexander Barrington
    Thomik Deverien as Victor Le Pew
    Toni Lynd for Director
    My Three Angels
    Michael Rushing as Jules
    Mike Hanrahan as Joseph
    Ryan Burwell as Alfred
    Chris Hull for Director
    Chris Hull for Scenic Design
    Songs for a New World
    David Samson II as Multiple Roles
    Julie Kirkpatrick as Multiple Roles
    Steve Williams as Multiple Roles
    The Wisdom of Eve
    Chris Hull as Lloyd Roberts
    Gracie Arvizu as Eve Harrington
    Toni Lynd as Margo Crane
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Arie Howard as Calpurnia
    Jeff Deards as Atticus Finch
    John Lynd as Mr. Gilmer
    Lauren Anne Nightingale as Scout
    Phrederic Semaj as Tom Robinson
    Susan Hunt as Mayella Ewell
    Patrick Brien for Director
    Tom Kirkpatrick for Set Design
  • Christian Youth Theater of Temecula Valley
  • California Gold
    J. J. Kelly as Gold Pan Pete
    The Wizard of Oz
    Amanda Schraudt as Dorothy
    Justen Tjarks as the Cowardly Lion
  • Cross Winds Community Theatre
  • Annie
    Rick Arias as Rooster / Bert Healy
    Willie Behrends as Daddy Warbucks
  • California State University, San Bernardino
  • Blithe Spirit
    Dana Martin as Elvira
    Jason Maddy as Charles
    Rebecca K. Roppolo as Ruth
    Tom Provenzano for Director
    Lee Lyons for Scenic Design
    Steven Curtis Bartel II for Lighting Design
    Lorney O'Connor for Scenic Artist and Prop Master
    Harlan Jeglin for Special Effects
    Lee Lyons for Special Effects
    Lorney O'Connor for Special Effects
    Tom Jones
    James Griffin as Partridge
    Lee Lyons for Director
    Lee Lyons for Scenic Design
  • Fontana Mummers
  • Beyond the Horizon
    Brad Reed as Andrew Mayo
    Ian Macleod as Robert Mayo
    Jennifer Ryan as Ruth Atkins
    Amanda Sue Rudisill for Director
    Michael Stapleton for Set Design
    Michael Stapleton for Sound Design
    Michael Stapleton for Lighting Design
    The Secret Garden
    Bethany Baderdeen as Martha
  • Heartland Players
  • Annie
    Beth Leger as Miss Hannigan
    John Mossman as Oliver Warbucks
    Steve Simons as Rooster Hannigan
    Cheaper By the Dozen
    Sarah Bradshaw as Ernestine
    Sarah Foret as Anne
    Ken Mosteller for Scenic Design
    Jean Mosteller for Costume Design
    The Nifty Fifties
    Terry Izen for Director
    Ken Mosteller for Scenic Design
    Jean Mosteller for Costume Design
  • Immanuel Baptist Church
  • Two from Galilee
    Lisa Lyons as Hannah
    Sarah Horn as Mary
    Radames O. Montes for Choreographer
    Stephanie Rose Snodgrass for Choreographer
  • In The Company Community Theatre
  • Hello, Dolly!
    Dustin Ceithamer as Cornelius Hackl
    Jordan Beck as Barnaby Tucker
    Patti Risinger as Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi
    Randy Ingram for Director
    Bill Risinger for Musical Director
    Cindy Ingram for Choreographer
    Jim Oxley for Scenic Design
    Kathleen O'Donnell for Costume Design
  • Isis Theatre Company
  • Sylvia
    Suzanne Avalon as Sylvia
  • Junior University
  • A Christmas Carol
    Casey Moon-Lawless as Ghost Three
    Chip Saporiti as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Ginger Hart as Belle
    Monica Negrete as Ghost Two
    Samantha Newcombe as Ghost One
    Terry Izen for Director
    Lilah Walz for Costume Director
    Terry Izen for Costumes
    Peter Pan
    Monica Negrete as Wendy
    Patricia Dixon as Grandma
    James Griffin for Director
    Lisa Lyons for Musical Director
    Jill Arterburn for Choreographer
    Brian D. Sandahl for Scenic Design
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Artist
    Jeff Grande for Technical Director
    Lee Lyons for Lighting Design
    Steven Curtis Bartel II for Lighting Design
    Mary Kintner for Costume Design
  • Life House Theater
  • Anne of Green Gables
    Michelle McGinnis as Anne Shirley
    John Nowak for Set Design
    Julie Stephenson as Stepmother
    John Nowak for Director
    John Nowak for Set Design
    Randy Hodges for Lighting Design
    John Nowak for Set Design
  • Mt. San Jacinto College � San Jacinto Campus
  • Cobalt Downs
    Frank Siebke as Howie
    Crimes of the Heart
    Patsy Morley as Babe Botrelle
    Gail Hoak for Director
    Damn Yankees
    Cory Stephens as Joe Hardy
    Mishel Brown as Lola
    Ronald Hoffman as Mr. Applegate
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Lori Torok for Choreographer
  • Murrieta Repertory Theatre
  • Anything Goes
    Patsy Morley as Reno Sweeney
    How I Learned To Drive
    James Marbury as Uncle Peck
    Monica Reichl as Lil Bit
    The Elephant Man
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as John Merrick
  • Performance Riverside
  • Children of Eden
    Beth Obregon as Snake Dancer
    Charna Feltous as Snake Dancer
    Collin Rand as Snake Dancer
    Edward Staudenmayer as Adam / Noah
    Jason Webb as Snake Dancer
    Johanna Unger as Snake Dancer
    John Huntington as Father
    Julie Gunner as Yonah
    Kim Huber as Eve / Mama Noah
    Miles Wesley as Cain / Japbeth
    Steven A. Glaudini for Director
    Don Le Master for Musical Director
    Lee Martino for Choreographer
    Steven Young for Lighting Design
    Sharell Martin for Costume Design
    A.J. Mendoza as Fagin's Gang
    Carey Curtis Smith as Mr. Sowerberry
    Dane Patterson as Fagin's Gang
    Eric Anderson as Bill Sykes
    Jacob Haren as Oliver Twist
    John Massey Jr. as Mr. Bumble
    Jonathon Martin as Fagin's Gang
    Laura Ware as Widow Corney
    Lisa Fishman as Nancy
    Matthew P. Caulfield as Fagin's Gang
    Steve Glaudini as Fagin
    Stewart Riley as Fagin's Gang
    Zach Simons as Fagin's Gang
    Zachary Shirey as Fagin's Gang
    John Vaughn for Director
    Douglas Austin for Musical Director
    John Vaughn for Choreographer
    Sharell Martin for Costume Design
    Paul Hadobas for Makeup and Hair Design
    Once on this Island
    Darlesia Cearcy as Ti Moune
    Marvin Joshua as Ague
    Miles Wesley as Daniel
    Reggie Burrell as Ton Ton Julian
    Regina Le Vert as Asaka
    Tareek Lee Holmes as Armand
    Tawny Dolley as Andrea
    Ty London as Papa Ge
    Vonetta Mixson as Mama Euralie
    Gary Krinke for Director
    Don Le Master for Musical Director
    John Vaughn for Choreographer
    J. Bronson for Scenic Design
    Steven Young for Lighting Design
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Anne Warren as Janet Weiss
    Chris Hall as Riff-Raff
    Damon Kirsche as Brad Majors
    Danny Stiles as Eddie / Dr. Scott
    Eric Anderson as Frank 'N' Furter
    Thomas Patrick as Rocky
    Steven A. Glaudini for Producer
    John Vaughn for Director
    Don Le Master for Musical Director
    John Vaughn for Choreographer
    Lee Lyons for Scenic Design
    Steven Young for Lighting Design
    Sharell Martin for Costume Design
    The Wizard of Oz
    Carlos Martin as the Tin Man / Hickory
    John C. Vaughn as the Scarecrow / Hunk
    John Massey Jr. as the Cowardly Lion / Zeke
    Nils Anderson as Professor Marvel / The Wizard of Oz
    Pamela Hamill as Miss Gulch / The Wicked Witch of the West
    Sarah Combs as Dorothy Gale
    Steven A. Glaudini for Producer
    Gary Krinke for Director
    Allen Everman for Musical Director
    Shauna Markey for Choreographer
    Dorie Couture for Sound Design
    Lee Lyons for Lighting Design
    Sharell Martin for Costume Design
    Paul Hadobas for Makeup and Hair Design
    Diane L. David for Stage Manager
  • Performance Riverside � Family Series
  • A Christmas Carol: The Musical
    John Lynd as Ebenezer Scrooge
    Jordan Beck as Tom Jenkins
    Patrick Brien as Jacob Marley
    Patrick Brien for Director
    Vonetta Mixson for Musical Director
    Jennifer Young Lawson for Choreographer
    Carlotta Malone for Costume Design
  • Ramona Hillside Players
  • Talking With�Monologues for Women
    Bobbie Williams as Laurie
    Janet Fulton as Lurlene
    Suzanne Halford as Anna Mae
    The Last Leaf
    Marion Hair as Livinia Breckinridge
    Maxine Izzi as Willie Bea Sykes
    Peggy McQuown for Set Design
    The Queen of Bingo
    Amanda Burr as Sis
    Mary Adams as Babe
  • RCC Off-Broadway Play Series
  • Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got The Will?
    David Koehn as Buford Turnover
    Lisa Shannon as Marlene Turnover
    Lynne Ennis as Mama Wheelis
    Marci Olin as Sara Lee Turnover
    Mark Everett as Orville Turnover
    Michelle Grotness as Lurlene Turnover Rogers
    Tony Rossi as Harmony Rhodes
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Jerry Longman for Set Design
    Jerry Longman for Set Design
    Patricia Scarborough for Scenic Painter
    Richard C. Luna II for Wigmaker
    The Robber Bridegroom
    Nicole Marks as Arie
    Deborah McFatter as E. M. Ashford
    Elisa Lee as Susie Monahan, R.N.
    Patricia Scarborough as Vivian Bearing, PhD
    Patrick Seitz as Jason Posner, M.D.
    David Wayne Nelson for Director
    Jerry Longman for Set Design
    Jerry Longman for Light Design
  • RCC Summer Conservatory
  • Les Miserables: The School Edition
    Greg Nabours as Javert
    Nathan Monks as Jean Valjean
    Payden Ackerman as Thernardier
    Trista Olivas as Eponine
    Gary Krinke for Staging the Production
    Linda Krinke for Costume Design
  • Redlands Footlighters
  • Frankenstein
    Greg Goodrich as Victor Frankenstein
    Steven Sabel as the Frankenstein Creature
    Tobias Nickolson as Henry Clerval
    Steven Sabel for Director
    Steven Sabel for Set Design
    Tim Pflum for Set Design
    The Dining Room
    Benjamin Bokic as Multiple Roles
    Cindy Oltman as Multiple Roles
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Multiple Roles
    Pierre Beauregard as Multiple Roles
    Susan Boldt as Multiple Roles
    Tamara Griffey for Director
    Tamara Griffey for Set Design
    Nancy Laneuville for Costumes
    Vicki Janis for Properties
    Wait Until Dark
    Etha Sabel as Susy Hendris
    Lauren Anne Nightengale as Gloria
    Dick McCarty for Director
    Wally's Café
    Denise Morgan as Louise Murdock
    Jennifer A. Pryor as Janet
    Todd Paul Brown as Wally Murdock
    Jeff Richards for Director
    Tom Hurst for Scenic Design
    Vicki Janis for Set Dressing
    Fred Grindle for Set Dressing
  • Rialto Community Players
  • A Piece of My Heart
    Denise Morgan as Whitney
    Heather Law as Sissy
    Linda Fabre' as Steele
    Lisa Qualls as Martha
    Melissa Schroeder as Mary Jo
    Michele Pederson as Leeann
    Todd Paul Brown as All the American Men
    Candy Kane for Director
    Larry Pirkle for Scenic Design
    Bob Fraley for Master Carpenter
    Jim Redondo for Master Carpenter
    Phil Parker for Sound Design
    Val Hanson for Lighting Design
    Doug Kruse for Lighting Technician
    Denise Morgan for Costume Design
    And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little
    Denise Morgan as Anna Reardon
    Jeff Deards as Marc
    Joe Musil as Serge
    Louie Carazo as Yvan
    Kerry Jones for Director
    My Sister Eileen
    Tony Webb as Appopolous
    Rex Fraley for Set Design
    Kerry Jones for Set Dressing
    Sandy Courtney for Set Dressing
    South Pacific
    Christey Hayes Burton as Bloody Mary
    Christopher Diehl as Lt. Joe Cable
    Julie Kirkpatrick as Nellie Forbush
    Mel Chadwick as Emile DeBecque
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Julia Putnam for Choreographer
    Val Hanson for Lighting Design
    Larry Pirkle for Scenic Design
    Kerry Jones for Scenic Artist
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Artist
    Kerry Jones for Set Dressing
    Sandy Courtney for Set Dressing
    Ten Little Indians
    Bruce Burton as General MacKenzie
    Todd Paul Brown as William Blore
    Tony Quinn as Dr. Edward Armstrong
    Sandy Courtney for Scenic Design & Set Decoration
    Van Hanson for Lighting Design
  • Riverside Children's Theatre
  • Annie
    Greg Nabours for Musical Director
  • Riverside Community Players
  • Deadly Nightcap
    Eric Morgan as Cliff Jordan
    Joe Musil as Jack Radford
    Mel Chadwick as Geoffrey Curtis
    Pauline Charles as Kate Warren
    John Lynd for Director
    John Lynd for Set Design
    John Lynd for Light and Sound Design
    Dona Sisk for Set Decorations
    Rick Sisk for Set Decorations
    Ted Dyer for Costumes
    Win Carey for Costumes
    The Boy Friend
    Beverly Crowe as Madame DuBonnet
    Christine Haynes as Polly Browne
    Christopher Diehl as Bobby Van Husen
    David Higgason for Banjo
    Jack McElwee as Lord Brockhurst
    Jason J. Panzino as Tony
    Julia Luster as Nancy
    Kelly Mosteller as Maisie
    Mel Chadwick as Percival Browne
    Sandy Hanna as Lady Brockhurst
    Venessa Lynn Griffith as Dulcie
    Merrilee Drake for Director
    Mark Kellam for Choreographer
    Jean Mosteller for Costume Design
    Sarah Tootill for Piano
    The Cemetery Club
    Ann DeWolfe as Ida
    Charles Stern as Sam
    Darla Coele as Mildred
    Janet Hodge as Lucille
    Lorie Mumper as Doris
    Patricia Boyer-McQuillan for Director
    Larry Bates for Set Design
    Pat McQuillan for Set Design
    The Father of the Bride
    Jim England as Stanley Banks
    Kris Carter as Miss Bellamy
    The Twilight of the Golds
    Alisa Lovas as Suzanne Gold-Stein
    Charles Stern as Walter Gold
    Deborah McFatter as Phyllis Gold
    Jeffrey Fargo as David Gold
    Joe Musil for Director
    Kathryn Gage for Technical Director
  • Riverside Community Players � Family Series
  • A Christmas Carol
    Wayne Astin as Narrator
    Beauty and the Beast
    Christina Tiholiz as Poison Ivy
    Sarah Foret as Mary Ellen
    Riley Peltier for Costumes
    Ted Dyer for Costumes
    Wayne Astin for Special Effects
    Connie Bates for Special Effects
    Karri Bates for Special Effects
    Schoolhouse Rock Live Too!
    Jennifer Young Lawson for Director
    Milenda Denholtz as Julie
  • Riverside Youth Theatre
  • I Do! I Do!
    Stephanie Rose Snodgrass as Agnes
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
    Matthew Saunders as Joseph
    Sarah Horn as the Narrator
    Debbie Wolgemuth for Director
    Radames O. Montes for Choreographer
    Stacey Nicole Snodgrass for Choreographer
  • San Jacinto Shakespeare Festival
  • Othello
    Allen Purchis as Iago
    Cesaria Hernandez as Emilia
    Coley O'Brien McAvoy as Cassio
    John Wesley Leon as Roderigo
    Patsy Morley as Desdemona
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Kathi Anderson for Costumes
  • The Ramona Bowl Repertory Theatre
  • Fiddler on the Roof
    Jenifer Crenshaw as Tzeitel
    John Cox as Tevya
    Marian Carter as Yente
    Patsy Morley as Hodel
    Steve Ambrose as Lazar Wolf
    Dennis Anderson for Director
    Ronald Layne Hoffman for Director
    Lornie O'Connor for Scenic Design
  • The Ramona Pageant Association
  • The Ramona Pageant
    Allen Purchis as Juan Canito
    Marion Carter as Senora Morena
    Monica Reichl as Ramona
    Vincent Whipple as Alessandro
    Dennis Anderson for Director
  • Theatrical Arts International
  • American Hot Wax
    Joseph Henson for Director
  • Yucaipa Little Theatre
  • Cinderella's Glass Slipper
    Kathleen Woolsey as the Stepmother
    The Wizard of Oz
    Bill Smith as the Lion
    Daren Prescott as the Scarecrow
    Eric Lopez as the Tin Man
    Kathleen Woolsey as the Wicked Witch
    Lea Izzi as Dorothy
    Stephanie Presley as Dorothy
    Bob Clemons for Director
    Christine Presley for Director