2015 ITL Awards

The 41st Annual ITL Awards Ceremony, honoring performances from 2015, was held on Sunday, March 20, 2016, at 7:00 p.m., at the Corona Civic Center, located at 815 W. Sixth Street, in Corona.

2015 Special Award Winners

  • Riverside Community Players
    Celebrating their 90th Season
  • Lisa Lanier
    For Continued Support Of The Inland Theatre League
  • Emerald Gonzalez
    Outstanding Technical Management and Inland Theatre League Support

2015 Winners and Nominees

All ITL nominees from 2015 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

Act One Theatre Arts
Amanda Minano as Maureen Johnson
Garrett Torres as Roger Davis
Nick Eiter as Angel Schunard
Shanta' Marie Robinson as Mimi Marquez
Shrek the Musical
Eric Flores as Lord Farquaad
Jillian Barnett as Fiona
Justin Duchi as Donkey
Paul Kehler as Shrek
Sharon Duchi for Director
Bellajohn Theatricals
A Chorus Line
Allison Eversoll for Choreography
Donovan Marcotte as Paul
Julie Kirkpatrick as Cassie
Paul Jacques as Zach
Teresa Webster as Christine
Tessa Boyd as Diana Morales
Guys and Dolls
Chris Coon as Nathan Detroit
Jeffrey Ricca as Sky Masterson
The Sound of Music
Melissa Danielle Smith as Maria
Teresa Voss as Mother Abbess
C.A.T. Corona
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Beverly Baird for Co-Costumer
Emily Forte for Co-Costumer
Brianna Lopez for Co-Director
Hollee Cool for Co-Director
Hollee Cool for Choreographer
Noah Gallagher as Pharaoh
Zachary Delgado as Joseph
Mary Poppins
Ava Cusiter as Jane
Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director
Josh Monteleone as Michael
Kaitlin Poole as Mary Poppins
Noah Gallagher as Bert
Adam Higelin as Curly
Alex Polikaitis as Will Parker
Bethie Van Druten as Aunt Eller
Brianna Lopez for Vocal Director
Cyndi Monroe for Director
Emily Forte for Costumer
Emma Ayars as Laurey
Hollee Cool for Choreographer
Noah Gallagher as Judd Fry
Sarah Higbee as Ado Annie
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged
Ben Repelogle as Featured Performer
Garrett Botts as Featured Performer
Matt Eden as Featured Performer
Frank Mihelich for Director
The Lucky Stiff
Daniel Monroe as The Stiff
Kelsey Coovert as Annabelle
Cal Baptist University
Fahrenheit 451
Andrew Cochran as Multiple Roles
Daniel Robinson for Set Design
Daniel Robinson for Sound Design
Frank Mihelich for Director
Gabrielle Green as Mutiple Roles
Katie Kostecka as Clarisse
Kiana Meskel as Multiple Roles
Lee Lyons for Projection/Lighting Design
Machir Lakofka for Costume Design
Spenser Scott Deardorff as Montag
Debbie Prutsman for Director
Ethan Park as The Phantom
Gabrielle Green as Christine Daaé
Jamie Killian Gerard Carriere
Lee Lyons for Lighting Design
Lee Lyons for Set Design
Machir Lakofka for Costume Design
Mariah Campbell as Carlotta
The Apple Tree
Gabrielle Green as Eve
Gabrielle Green for Costume Design
Jacob Gomez as Balladeer
Jacob Nye as Multiple Roles
Lee Lyons for Lighting Design
Lee Lyons for Set Design
Lisa Lyons for Director
Maddison Rickard as Barbara
Melanie Overton as Ella
Daniel Robinson for Set Design
The Hiding Place
Daniel Robinson for Set Design
Cal State University San Bernardino
Family of Mann
Andre Harrington for Costumes/Hair/Make-up
Brenden Hampton as Madame Pernelle
Suzi Green as Dorine
Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
Octavius Womack as Apollo Performer/Ensemble
Richard Bermudez as Ché
In the Heights
Anyssa Navarro as Nina Rosario
Benjamin Perez for Director
Candida Celaya as Abuela Claudia
Cassie Nickols for Musical Direction
Jonathan Arana as Piragua Guy
Marissa Herrera for Choreographer
Revel Day as Benny
Ruben Bravo as Sonny
Ruben J. Carbajal as Usnavi
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Alison Hooper for Choreography
Alison Hooper for Director
Jason Marquez as Multiple Roles
The Producers
Bobby Collins as Leo Bloom
Emerson Boatwright as Carmen Ghia
Jamie Snyder as Max Bialystock
Laura Thatcher as Ulla
Stanton Kane Morales as Roger De Bris
West Side Story
Ayme Olivo as Maria
Celeste Lanuza as Anita
Hector Guerrero for Director
Catch a Star Theatrical Players
Scream Queens the Musical
Beverly Crowe as Nadine
Caroline Sanchez as Richelle
Chantel Cagel as Tonya
Darryn Carter for Assistant Director
Jubel Obien for Musical Director
Micah Justice as Bianca
Renata Quijada as Dee Dee
Samantha Carlson for Choreographer
Teresa Voss as Alexis
William Ralph Griffey for Director
Annette Tringham for Director
Brandice Mello as Sylvia
Jacqueline Noone as Kate
Quentin Marley as Multiple Roles
Randy Peters as Greg
Chino Community Children's Theatre
Between the Lines
Alyxx Melendez as Narrator
Shrek the Musical
Dona Rice for Director
Elisabeth Iniguez as Fiona (Ogre Cast)
Isaiah Ruiz as Shrek (Ogre Cast)
Jayson Bender as Lord Farquaad (Ogre Cast)
Jewell Davis-Hayabuchi as Co-Costume Designer
Karen Larson for Co-Costume Designer
Mia Cervantes as Multiple Roles (Princess Cast)
Chino Community Teen Theatre
Audrey Nunez as Penny
David Rogue as Edna
Jessie Larson for Director
Justin Gervacio as Corny Collins
Karen Larson for Costume Designer
Liana Veratudela as Tracy
Michaela Varvis as Amber
Paige Miller for Co-Set Designer
Paul Larson for Co-Set Designer
Love and Information
Liana Veratudela as Multiple Roles
Chino Community Theatre
9 to 5
Bruce Hutchins for Set Design/Master Carpenter
Derek Ashley Macumber for Co-Choreographer
Derek Ashley Macumber for Co-Director
Dianna Hollowell as Judy Bernly
Grace Arvizu as Violet Newstead
Jeffrey Deards Jr. as Franklin Hart Jr.
Juan Torres for Co-Choreographer
Juan Torres for Co-Director
Julie Mort as Margaret
Kim Eberhardt as Doralee Rhodes
Stephanie Grimley as Roz Keith
Coney Island Christmas
Bruce Hutchins for Set Designer
Janine Tominaga as Shirley
Samantha Armenta as Young Shirley
Five-Door Farce
Cindi East for Director
Eric Dunn as Partner 1
Hedley Duncan as The Butler
Jamie Pezold as The Wife
Jeffery Wymer as The Husband
Jessie McClean as The Ingenue
Paige Polcene as The Lady
Patricia McQuillan as The Cook
Robert Merrill for Playwright
Tom Kirkpatrick for Set Design
Love and Information
Cassaundra Sierra as Multiple Roles
Cindi East as Multiple Roles
David S. Rogue as Multiple Roles
Paige Polcene as Multiple Roles
Russ Reeves as Multiple Roles
Stephanie Grimley as Multiple Roles
Toni Lynd for Director
Tracy Lay as Multiple Roles
The Graduate
Bryan Richardson as Benjamin Braddock
Christopher Diehl for Director
John Shannon as Mr. Robinson
Kelly Kelly as Mrs. Robinson
Michael Barbin as Mr. Braddock
Nancy Kennedy as Elaine Robinson
The Late Henry Moss
A.J. Hagan as Henry Moss
Angala Barkley-Devine as Conchalla
Greg Gateley as Taxi
Jeremy Magouirk as Ray Moss
Kadn Fox as Earl Moss
Michelle Knight-Reinhardt for Director
Rick Garcia as Esteban
Foothills Theatre at LCOS
Ashtin Loya as Jesus
Mitch Stark as John the Baptist/Judas
Gold Leaf Theatre
A Little Princess
Agatha McIntyre as Sara Crewe
Rachel Johnson as Becky
Box and Cox
Bradford Reed as Mr. Box
Justin Woodside as Mr. Cox
Misti Soper as Mrs. Bouncer
Katie Gillette as Katie
Inland Regional Youth Theatre (IRYT)
Seussical the Musical
Agatha McIntyre as Mrs. Mayor
Tessa McCormick as Mayzie LaBird
Inland Valley Repertory Theatre (IVRT)
Allen Everman as Bobby
Jason James for Director
Rachel Addington as Amy
Ronda Rubio for Musical Director
Stella Kim as Maria
Tracy Ray Reynolds as Joanne
The 39 Steps
Frank Mianano for Director
Jeannette Capuano for Co-Costumes
Jenny Moon Shaw as Multiple Roles
Michael Buczynski as Clown 1
R.C. Sands as Clown 2
Spencer Weitzel as Mr. Hannay
Tamminen Devine for Co-Costumes
The Diary of Anne Frank
Frank Minano for Co-Director
Hope Kaufman for Co-Director
Jill B. Gerber as Edith Frank
Lauren Bell as Margot Frank
Michael Buczynski as Mr. Van Daan
Ron Hastings as Otto Frank
Valerie Rose Lohman as Anne Frank
Isis Theatre
Love Letters
Howard Shangraw as Andrew
Suzanne Avalon as Melissa
Junior University
Jungle Book
Andrew To as Kaa
Chris Carranza as Mowgli
LifeHouse Theater
Krista Blair as Croakette
To Kill a Mockingbird
Diana Handy as Calpurnia
Tim Mahoney for Scenic Design
Mt. San Jacinto College (MSJC)
The Importance of Being Ernest
Payden Ackerman for Director
Susan O'Connell as Lady Bracknell
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Lorin Webb as Sally Brown
Marci Olin as Lucy Van Pelt
New Threads Theatre Company
Aaron Pyle as John
Frank Mihelich for Director
Leah Moore as Carol
Off Broadway Christan Theatre (OBC)
Whistle Down the Wind
James C. Miulligan as The Man
Ophelia's Jump Productions
Aaron McGee as Peter Trammel
Beatrice Casagran for Director
Jordan C. Allen as Multiple Roles
Judd Johnson as Thomas Hodge
Ruthless! the Musical
Caitlin Lopez as Miss Thorn
Grace Arvizu as Judy Denmark
Mel Chadwick as Sylvia St Croix
Titus Andronicus
Beatrice Casagran as Tamora
Beatrice Casagran for Director
Bill Gillean as Titus
Judd Johnson as Aaron
Twelfth Night
Aly Easton as Viola
Caitlin Lopez for Co-Director
Jenny Lockwood for Co-Director
Pass Area Performing Arts (PAPA)
Brandice Mello as Margaret Sullivan
Christopher Aaron as Robert Renfield
Donnell Powell as Abram Van Helsing
Donnell Powell for Director
Michael Gonzales for Sound Design
Michael Voyu as Dracula
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Gene Sitts as Snoopy
Performance Riverside
In the Heights
Carlos Mendoza for Choreographer
Carlos Mendoza for Director
Elijah Reyes as Usnavi
Greg Nabours for Music Director
Jason Graham for Scenic Designer
Jonathan Arana as Piragua Guy
Jordan DeLeon as Nina
Samara Otero as Multiple Roles
Mary Poppins
Gary Krinke for Director
Haven Watts as Jane Banks
Logan Watts as Michael Banks
Morgan Reynolds as Bert
Stephanie Renee Wall as Mary Poppins
Jean-Yves Tessier for Lighting Design
Jimmy Oronoz as Coalhouse Walker
Karla J. Franko as Emma Goldman
Lauren Howard as Evelyn Nesbit
Logan Watts as Little Boy
Patricia Scarborough as Mother
Paulette Ivory as Sarah
Randy Hilton as Father
Shane Litchfield as Younger Brother
Young Frankenstein
Anne Montavon as Inga
Emerson Boatwright as Igor
James Gruessing as The Monster
Larry Raben as Dr. Frederick Franenstein
Roger Castellano for Director
Tracy Lore as Flau Blucher
Play with Your Food Productions
Michael Tennant for Dr. Jonathan Alexander
Venissa Timbreza as Phyllis
The Psychic
Michael Tennant as Johnny Bubbles
Ramona Hillside Players
Blackpool & Parrish
Alex Conn for Co-Set Design
Alexandra Miller as Tiff
Monica Reichl as Parrish
Shenn Sellers as Page
Zachary Conn for Co-Set Design
Zack Moorman as Adam
Gina Kraut as Chris Gorman
Lisa Lanier as Clair Ganz
Mark Weisenberg as Lenny Ganz
The Actress
Gina Kraut as Multiple Roles
Mark Weisenberg as Multiple Roles
Roberto G. Carrillo as Multiple Roles
The Great Gatsby
Carol Damgen for Director
Chris Coom as Tom Buchanan
the Murder Room
Laura Cherland as Mavis Templeton Hollister
Susan O'Connell as Mrs. Lottie Malloy
To Grandmother's House We Go
Harriet Briant as Grannie
Vesta Gleissner as Clementine
Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre
Taming of the Shrew
Bill Rains as Baptista
Catherine Erickson for Co-Costume Design
Craig Cleveland as Gremio
David Andrew Ramos for Lighting Design
David Billman as Multiple Roles
Jessica Puertas as Bianca
Kerry Jones for Scenic Painter
Lindsey Kay Carlson as Katherine
Mario Sanchez for Set Design
Michael Kremer as Gremio
Mitchell Burke as Petruchio
Terre Gunkel for Director
V. Michelle Erickson for Co-Costume Design
RCC Off-Broadway Play Series
Clyborne Park
Alex White as Karl
David Wayne Nelson for Director
Haley Rubin as Bev
Jordan Maxwell as Russ
Marcus Dean as Albert/Kevin
Time Stands Still
Kevin Morrissey for Set Design
Veronique Poutre as Mandy
Redlands Bowl
Mary Poppins
Hannah Jeanette Brigs as Mary Poppins
Redlands Footlighters
Exit Laughing
Christi Hays as Millie
Cindi East for Director
Heidi Merrigan as Connie
Sean Green as Policeman
Tom Hurst for Set/Technical Design
Tracy Lay as Rachel
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol
Catherine Soto as Mrs. Reese
Vicki Janis for Director
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
Catherine Soto as Performer
Eliot Knight as Performer
Jessica Bridgeman as Performer
Mia Mercado for Director
Sarah Pearce as Performer
The Kitchen Witches
Eliza Bishop as Ash
Kristin Staton for Isobel Lomax
Pete Bennett as Stephen Biddle
Steve Johnson for Director
Ali Rafter as Cassie Cooper
Catherine DeBrule as Chris Gorman
Catherine Soto as Claire Ganz
Christopher Diehl for Director
Jeffery Wymer as Lenny Ganz
Mark Sanfilippo as Ken Gorman
Richard Conant as Glenn Cooper
The Bad Seed
Dani Hernandez as Christine Penmark
Judy Vander Lugt for Co-Women's Costumes
Kim Lombard for Co-Women's Costumes
Madyllyne Vaca as Rhoda Penmark
Redlands Theatre Festival
Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story
Ashtin Loya as Ritchie Valens
Catrice Mitchell as Apollo Performer
David Critchlow for Director
Dennis Galuszka as Jerry Allison
Jubel Obien for Costume Design
Jubel Obien for Musical Direction
Pete Bennett as Muiltiple Roles
Steve Johnson as The Big Bopper
Lucky Stiff
Candice Cabanilla-Stewart as Annabelle Glick
Joe Modica as Harry Witherspoon
Lisa Lyons for Director
One man, Two Guvnors
Pete Bennett as Francis Henshall
Shannon Galuszka for Director
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
Teresa Dolan as Sonia
Tom Provenzano as Vanya
Rialto Community Players
Other Desert Cities
Ali Rafter as Brooke Wyeth
Deborah W. McFatter as Polly Wyeth
Jeff Richards for Director
Kerry Jones for Set Design/Decoration
Michelle Grotness as Silda Grauman
Shawn Warner as Trip Wyeth
Run for Your Wife
Cameron Harris as John Smith
Cameron Harris for Set Design
Candy Kane for Director
Hedley Duncan as Stanley
Jim Gunther as Detective Porterhouse
Maxwell Duncan as Detective Troughton
Mia Mercado as Barbara Smith
Sandy Courtney for Interior Artistic Design
Tiffany Shampine as Mary Smith
The Producers
Adrian Rodarte as Carmen Ghia
Cameron Harris for Director
Candy Kane as Hold Me Touch Me
Candy Kane for Costume Design
Hedley Duncan as Max Bialystock
Jeffery Hemmerling for Choreography
Joseph Vincent Impastato as Franz Liebkind
Josh Morgan as Leo Bloom
Maxwell Duncan as Roger DeBris
Sandra Rice as Ulla
The Secret Garden
Candy Kane for Costume Design
Chris Cordasco for Light Design
Dimyana Pelev as Lily Craven
Dimyana Pelev for Choreographer
Dimyana Pelev for Director
Dimyana Pelev for Set Design
Haven Watts as Mary Lennox
James Ellis as Archibald Craven
Karen Lancaster as Mrs. Medlock
Kelly Mosteller as Martha
Logan Watts as Colin
Paul Gregory Del Real as Dickon
Robert L. Meyer as Dr. Neville Craven
Teresa Voss for Music Director
Riley's Farm Theatre Company
Arsenic & Old Lace
Adam Fagalay as Jonathan Brewster
Angela Shaddix as Aunt Abby Brewster
Brandon Kimbler as Teddy Brewster
Emily Coleman as Aunt Martha Brewster
Riverside Children's Theatre
Mary Poppins
Avery Hansberger as Bert (Schumacher Cast)
Ellie Shaw as Winifred Banks (Schumacher Cast)
Maria Hong for Costume Designer
Willy Wonka
Beverly Baird for Costume Design
Cameron Webb as Willy Wonka (Fudge Mallow Cast)
David Carty for Scenic Designer
Jacob Rangel as Charlie Bucket (Fudge Mallow Cast)
Mike Eastman for Director
Riverside Community Players
Almost, Maine
Alexandria Huie as Multiple Roles
Brandi Erin Douglas as Multiple Roles
Jack Koesfter as Multiple Roles
Kathryn L. Gage for Director
Steven Mueller as Multiple Roles
Don't Dress for Dinner
Aaron Niotta as Robert
Catherine Priamos as Suzette
Cydney King as Suzanne
Ginger Kinison as Jacqueline
John Lynd for Director
No Sex Please, We're British
Alec Calva as Brian Runnicles
Bill Wolf for Music Director
Carina Wolf as Sister Mary Hubert
Emilio Corrales for Drums
Jennifer Lawson as Mother Superior/Sister Mary Regina
Jennifer Strattan as Sister Mary Amnesia
Robert Winokur for Bass
Zoe Howard Bright for Director
Private Lives
Chris Coon as Victor Prynne
Joe Musil as Elyot Chase
Rory Dyer as Louise
Sandra Ford as Sibyl Chase
Toni Lynd for Director
Vicky Dawson Irvine as Amanda Prynne
The Importance of Being Ernest
Chuck Baugh as Lane /Merriman
Michael Eastman as Algernon Moncrieff
Pam Lambert as Lady Bracknell
Steven Mueller as John Worthing, J.P.
Riverside Dickens Festival
The Trial of Lizzie Borden
Misti Soper as Lizzie Borden
Riverside Repertory Theatre
The Pirates of Penzance
Ashley Marie as Ensemble
Caroline Sanchez as Ensemble
Gabrielle Green as Edith
Hannah Wolgemuth as Ensemble
Jamie Snyder as Major General
John Blondell for Director
Matt Dallal as Pirate King
Michael Antaramian for Music Direction
Michaelia Leigh as Mabel
Nicholas Sloan as Frederic
Sarah Horn as Ruth
Travis Rhett Wilson as Sargent
Victoria Finlayson for Choreography
West Side Story
Ashley Marie as Maria
Gabriel Navarro as Bernardo
Hannah Wolgemuth as Anybody's
John Lynd as Schrank
Matt Neves for Director
Nicholas Sloan as Riff
Rebecca Joy Raboy for Choreographer
Samantha Claire as Anita
Scott T. Smith for Music Director
Shane Litchfield as Tony
San Bernardino Valley College
Into the Woods
Alecia Ontiveros as Jack's Mom
Angie Quigley as Witch
Gilbert Archuletta as Baker
Kristine Lucrida as Cinderella
Melinda Fogle Oliver for Director
Michael Gonzales for Scenic Designer
Shakespeare in the Vines
Charley's Aunt
Preston Helms as Lord Fancourt Babberly
Sheila Havens Ryle as Donna Lucia D'Alvadores
Moon Over Buffalo
Aaron Niotta as Paul Singer
Brittany Campbell for Director
D.D. Calhoun as Ethel
Eric Dunn as George Hay
Gina Kraut as Charlotte
John Kelly as Richard Maynard
Katelynn Koon as Eileen
Sarah Kristen Gibbons as Rosalind Hay
Scott Hillock as Howard
Romeo and Juliet
Amber Marie Boetger as Juliet
Preston Helms as Mercutio
Rob Crisell as Friar Laurence
Twelfth Night
Beau Allen as Malvolio
Jenn Blanck as Olivia
Stratford Players of Idyllwild
The Lion in Winter
Allen Purchis as Henry II
Christopher Morse as Geoffrey
Kathleen Walker as Eleanor of Aquitaine
Temecula Valley Players
A Christmas Carol
Cole Howard as Multiple Roles
John Edward Clark as Scrooge
Miles Vencill for Director
Randall Matsumoto as Jacob Marley
Renata Moenho as Multiple Roles
Ruthann Marlbrough for Costumer
Victoria Jauregui for Chroeographer
Fiddler on the Roof
Cheri Kehler for Choreographer
Dillon Nauert as Motel
John Edward Clark as Tevye
Sydney Davis as Hodel
The Addams Family
April Henry for Choreographer
Brennen Winspear as Pugsley Addams
Erica Marie Weisz as Morticia Addams
Johnny Fletcher as Gomez Addams
Kristen Maxon Wood as Alice Beineke
Ruthann Marlbrough for Costumer
Terri Miller Schmidt for Director
Travis Lyon as Fester Addams
The Barn Stage Company
Bethany Slomka as Soupy Sue
Chelsea Lapp for Choreographer
J. Scott Lapp for Director
Michael Mittman as Bobby Strong
Wyn Wilson as Penelope Pennywise
The Gestalt Theatre Project
Aaron Pyle as Ezra Charter
Alisa Hopsiter as Hannah
Carolyn Oler as Thomassina
Ethan Park as Septimus
Kate Anger as Lady Croom
Patrick Brien for Director
Taylor Bjur as Bernard
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
Aaron Niotta as Satan
Aaron Pyle as Judas Iscariot
Anthony Harris as Multiple Roles
Brandi Clarke as Fabiana Aziza Cunningham
Jim Marbury as Multiple Roles
Kiana Miskel as Multiple Roles
Lee Lyons for Lighting Design
Patrick Brien for Director
Roger Clarke for Scenic Designer
Stevie Taken as Henrietta Iscariot
Tajei Wright as Multiple Roles
Taylor Bjur as Yusef El-Fayoumy
The Grove Theatre
Dracula the Musical
Jeannette Capuano for Co-Costumes
Julio Villegas for Co-Costumes
Kim Eberhardt as Mina Murray
Michelle Tymich as Lucy Westenra
Mary Poppins
Angeline Carr as Bird Lady/Ensemble
Elise Burt as Jane
Gavin Haberle as Michael
Ginger Kinison as Mary Poppins
Jeannette Capuano for Costumes
Keith Mattola for Choreographer
Kristopher Kyer for Director
Michael Skizek as Bert
The Music Man
Amanda Minano as Marian Paroo
Candace Elder as Mrs. Paroo
Elise Burt as Amaryllis
Frank Minano for Director
Jeffrey Deards as Harold Hill
John Nisbet as Mayor Shinn
Scott Arnold as Marcellus Washburn
Theatrical Arts International Foundation
9 to 5
Catherine DeBrule as Violet Newstead
Julie Kirkpatrick as Judy Bernly
Paul Jacques for Director
Sara Blair as Doralee Rhodes
Steve Johnson as Franklin Hart Jr.
Annalise Staudt as Carlotta
Jacqueline Slipp as Christine Daaé
Jeffery Ricca as Phantom
Starlight Express
Derrian Tolden as Poppa
Tibbie's Center Stage
Chelsea Vann as Louise
University of Redlands Theatre
'dentity Crisis
Tyler Griffin as Robert
Val Verde Stage Productions, Inc.
Big Fish
Frank Valverde for Director
Jeffrey Warden as Edward Bloom
Josh Tangermann as Young Edward Bloom
Shaina Knox as Young Sandra Bloom
Worldwide Theatricals
Fiddler on the Roof
Carol Damgen for Director
John Lynd as Lazar Wolf
Lisa Lyons for Musical Director
Sam Nisbett as Tevye
Sandra Rice as Tzeitel
Shannon Galuszka as Golde
William R. Fernandez as Motel
Jesus Christ Superstar
Ashtin Loya as Simon
Carly Carlstrom as Mary
James Griffin as Herod
Jesse Dinkel for Scenic/Projection Design
Jimmy Saiz as Peter
Paul Holland as Pilate
Paul Jacques for Director
Peggy Adams-Heaton for Costumes
Quentin Garzon as Judas
Winston Peacock as Jesus Christ
Sweeny Todd in Concert
Chanlon Kaufman as Anthony
Christopher Sands as Pirelli
Cynthia Meade as The Beggar Woman
Jesse Dinkel for Scenic/Projection Design
Michaelia Leigh as Johanna
Paul Jacques for Director
Ray Zaragoza as Toby
Sam Nisbett as Judge Turpin
Shane Churchill as Beadle
Travis Rhett Wilson as Sweeney Todd
Valerie Jasso as Mrs. Lovett