2014 ITL Awards

The 40th Annual ITL Awards Ceremony, honoring performances from 2014, was held on Sunday, May 3, 2015, at 7:00 p.m., at the Corona Civic Center, located at 815 W. Sixth Street, in Corona.

2014 Special Award Winners

  • Shakespeare in the Vines
    on their 10th Anniversary
  • Shiela Ryle
    Founder, Shakespeare in the Vines

2014 Winners and Nominees

All ITL nominees from 2014 are listed below. A indicates winners. Founders Award recipients (winners nominated by all judges attending the production) are indicated with a . Special ensemble awards () are given when each cast member and director receive awards.

Act One Theatre Arts
Andrew Shroll as Evan
Brennen Winspear as Archie
Robynne French as Patrice
Sharon Duchi for Director
Seussical the Musical
Chelsea Rodgers as GertrudeMcFuzz
Robynne French as JoJo
Bellajohn Theatricals
Stacee Tweedie as Amneris
The Full Monty
Glenn Freeze as Harold Nichols
Justin Dale Roe as Jerry Ludowski
The Little Mermaid- The Original Story
Melissa Smith as The Little Mermaid
Wizard of Oz
Mia Mercado as The Witch
Cal Baptist University
H.M.S. Pinafore
Gabrielle Green as Josephine
Lisa Lyons for Director
Samuel Rodriguez as Captain Corcoran
The Spitfire Grill
Ethan Park as Sheriff Joe Sutter
Frank Mihelich for Director
Melanie Overton as Percy Talbott
Michael Kestler for Musical Director
Samuel Rodriguez as Caleb Thorpe
Taylor Bjur for Set Design
Tori Fleming as Shelby Thorpe
Cal State University San Bernardino
Andre Harrington for Costume Design
Branden Reyes for Lighting Design
Jamie Jacob as Ellis
Niko Rabbit for Set Design
Jackie Robinson: An American Dream
Damarea Parker as Jackie Robinson
Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater
25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Andrew Orbison for Musical Director
Andrew Wade as Leaf Coneybear
Angela Briones as Marcy Park
DJ Gray for Choreographer
DJ Gray for Director
Jeremy Jay Magouirk as Vice Principal Douglas Panch
Jillian Lawson as Rona Lisa Peretti
Jonathan Arana as William Barfee
Koray Tarhan as Chip Tolentino
Sarah Miramontes as Olive Ostrovsky
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Adrianne Hampton as Angel
Angela Calderon as Linda Lou
Bert Fulton as C.J. Scruggs
Caitlin Ary as Ruby Rae
Catie Marron as Beatrice
David Aldrete as Multiple Roles
Dylan Pass as Multiple Roles
Eric Stanton Betts as Multiple Roles
Eric W. Taylor as Rufus
Jeremy Jay Magouirk as Melvin P. Thorpe
John Vaughan for Choreographer
John Vaughan for Director
Josh Taylor as Multiple Roles
Katherine Washington as Dawn
Lisa Layne as Miss Mona
Marie Gutierrez as Shy
Matt Wiley as Multiple Roles
Rachel Burkert as Taddy Jo
Rashonda Johnson as Jewel
Steven Biggs as Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd
Susanna Vaughn as Eloise
Bye Bye Birdie
Allen Everman as Albert Peterson
Amber-Sky Skipps as Rosie Alvarez
Beth Mendoza as Mae Peterson
David Aldrete as Harry McAfee
John LaLonde for Director
Crazy For You
Angela Calderon as Irene Roth
Bryan Overmyer as Multiple Roles
Chris Duir as Bobby Child
Dannielle Green as Tess
Dustin Ceithamer for Choreographer
Edgar Lopez as Billy
Edward Chamberlain as Lank Hawkins
Jenny Moon Shaw as Multiple Roles
Neil Dale for Director
Susanna Vaughan as Polly Baker
Jekyll & Hyde The Musical
Amy Gillette as Emma
Michael Scott Harris as Jeckyll and Hyde
My Fair Lady
Douglas Austin for Director
Hector Guerrero for Choreographer
Jessica Bernard as Eliza
John LaLonde as Henry Higgins
Neil Dale as Alfred P Doolittle
Adam Trent as Multiple Roles
Bryan Vickery as Multiple Roles
Chelsea Emma Franko as The Lady of the Lake
Chuck Ketter for Director
Janet Renslow for Choreography
Jotape Lockwood as Multiple Roles
Matt Dallal as Multiple Roles
Randy Ingram as King Arthur
C.A.T. Corona
School House Rock
Gracie Barnett as Dori
Scrooge the Musical
Adam Higelin as Multiple Roles
Bethie Van Druten as Christmas Present
Donna Coronado for Co-Costumes
Hollee Hennebelle Cool for Choreographer
Lori Hennebelle for Co-Costumes
Lori Hennebelle for Director
Noah Gallagher as Marley
Shrek the Musical
Bethie Van Druten as Fiona
Bob Ferre for Master Set Builder
Caleb Price as Lord Farquaad
Cyndi Monroe for Director
Gavin Gray as Donkey
Hollee Hennebelle Cool for Choreographer
Hollee Hennebelle for Co-Costumer
Kaitlin Poole as Multiple Roles
Lori Hennebelle for Co-Costumer
Winter Wonderettes
Amy Eden as Betty Jean
Courtney Ladd as Cindy Lou
Cyndi Monroe for Director
Evan Human for Vocal Director
Gabrielle Green as Missy
Hollee Hennebelle Cool for Choreographer
Kaycee Moser as Suzy
Catch A Star Theatrical Company
Blithe Spirit
Catherine DeBrule as Ruth
Howard Gleen-Rawley for Director
Kevin Bowers for Set Design
Penny Atwood as Madam Arcati
Chino Community Children's Theatre
Beauty and the Beast Jr.
Carlie Zamora as Belle
Colby Rummell as Gaston
Lainey Vasquez for Costumes
Paul Larson for Set Design
Chino Community Teen Theatre
Allison Akers Cardiel as Allison
Andrew Gordon as Jesus
Bruce Hutchins for Set Design
Christopher Diehl for Director
Coleman Summers as John the Baptist/Judas
Frankie Marrone for Choreographer
Gabrielle Gutierrez as Gabby
Jess Van Antwerp as Jess
Joshua B. Himes for Musical Director
Lainey Vasquez for Costumes
Melia Gonzalez as Melia
Sarah Joy Weatherhill as Joy
You Can't Take it With You
Adam Santos for Co-Set Design
Anastazia Tillet as Gay Wellington
Jacob Cerda as Henderson/FBI Man
Jared Williams for Co-Set Design
Kylie Reeves for Co-Set Design
/td>Nathan Torres as Boris Kohlenkov
Prescott Delzell as Alice Vanderhoff
Shane Whann as Tony Kirby
Toni Lynd for Director
Chino Community Theatre
A Christmas Carol
Bruce Hutchins for Set Designer
Howard S. Wilson as Ebeneezer Scrooge
Jeff Deards Jr. for Director
Jeffrey Deards Sr. as Multiple Roles
Lainey Vasquez for Costumes
Boeing, Boeing
Cindi East for Director
Gracie Arvizu as Gabriella
Jamie Pezold as Gretchen
Jeannette Capuano for Costume Design
Jeffery Wymer as Bernard
Mark Sanfilippo as Robert
Stephanie Grimley as Gloria
Tom Kirkpatrick for Set Design
Toni Lynd as Berthe
Death of a Salesman
Barbara Turino as Linda Loman
Bradford Reed as Stanley
David S. Rogue as Bernard
Gracie Arvizu as The Woman
Grant Markin as Happy Loman
John Lynd as Willy Loman
Jon Thibault as Howard Wagner
Rick Garcia as Charley
Toni Lynd for Director
Zach Hallett as Biff Loman
Kiana Miskel as Van's Sister
Scott Roberts as CB
Taylor Bjur as Beethoven
Rabbit Hole
Christopher Diehl for Director
Colby Rummell as Jason
Ken Lay as Howie
Melodie Hendersen-Magouirk as Becca
Tracy Lay as Izzy
Vicky Dawson Irvine as Nat
Secret Life of Seagulls
Bradford Reed as Fred
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Alyssa Wood as Candela
Christopher Diehl as Ivan
Frank Rodriguez as Taxi Driver
Gracie Arvizu as Lucia
Jamie Pezold as Pepa
Creative Arts Theatre
Next to Normal
Ammiel Hamrick as Natalie
Cherie Glissen as Diana
Christopher Michael Rose as Henry
Keith Glisson as Gabe
Patrick Carlisle Croft as Dr. Fine/Dr. Madden
Robert Keil Blomker II for Director
Shane Churchill as Dan
Gold Leaf Theatre
Little Women
Maddison Rickard as Jo March
Inland Stage Company
Always, Patsy Cline
Jim Marbury for Director
Micah Justice as Patsy Cline
Randy Dawkins for Musical Director
Yvonne Flack as Louise Seger
Inland Valley Repertory Theatre
Arsenic and Old Lace
Ann Thomas as Martha Brewster
Cindi East as Abby Brewster
Frank Minano for Director
Jeff Lowe as Mortimer Brewster
Ken Lay as Dr. Einstein
Michael Buczynski as Teddy Brewster
Spencer Weitzel as Jonathan Brewster
Tony Collins as Lt. Rooney
Amanda Knight as Mazeppa
Bobby Collins as Tulsa
Brooklyn Vizcarra as Baby June
Shaelynn Parker as Mama Rose
Songs for a New World
Amanda Minano as Woman 1
Lisa Donahey as Woman 2
Patrick McMahon as Man 2
Richard Bermudez as Man 1
JTL Productions
John Lynd as The Entertainer
Teddy: Rough Rider President
John Lynd for Director
John Lynd for Writer
Mike Hanrahan as Teddy Roosevelt
Junior University
Snow White
Anna Hightower for Choral Direction
Craig Steenerson for Scenic Design
Katie Roche as Morgana
Machir Lakofka for Costume Design
Michael Shane Eastman as Igor
Stephen Razo for Conductor
Lewis Family Playhouse
Frank Minano as Herr Schultz
Sandra Rice as Fraulein Kost
Jesus Christ Superstar
Cyril Niccolai as Jesus
David Lamoureaux for Director
David Lamoureaux for Musical Director
James C. Mulligan as Pontius Pilate
Jean Yves Tessier for Lighting Design
Jean Yves for Scenic Design
Louis Pardo as Judas
Robert Hoyt as Cajaphas
Ron Hastings as Herod
Shaina Knox as Mary Magdalene
Willy Wonka
Dante Marenco as Charlie Bucket
Elise Burt as Veruca Salt
Frank Minano as Grandpa Joe
Karen Fix Curry for Costume Design
Kelley Squires as Mrs Gloop
Ron Hastings as Willy Wonka
Sam Garcia as Augustus Gloop
Stanton Kane Morales as Phineous Trout
LifeHouse Theatre
Beauty and the Beast
Rick Arias as The Beast
Seussical the Musical
Aaron Milligan as Wickersham Brother
Beda Spindola as Sour Kangaroo
Clare Watts as Young Kangaroo
Danny Blair as Mr. Mayor
Jeremy Yeo as Wickerwsham Brother
Jonathan Arana for Musical Director
Kelsey Milligan as Gertrude McFuzz
Kelsey Milligan for Co-Choreographer
Kelsey Milligan for Co-Director
Michael Milligan as Cat in the Hat
Michael Milligan for Co-Choreographer
Michael Milligan for Co-Director
Peter Milligan as Wickersham Brother
Sarah Ayotte as Mayzie La Bird
Tim Mahoney for Scenic Design
Tina Skousen as Mrs. Mayor
Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles
Jonathan Bushey as Sherlock Holmes
Nathan Smith for Director
Tim Mahoney for Scenic Design
Treasure Island
Andrew Flory as Jim Hawkins
Ben Baker as Ben Gunn
Jeffrey A. DeWitt for Director
Tim Mahoney for Scenic Design
Ophelia's Jump Productions
33 Variations
Vicky Dawson Irvine as Katherine Brandt
Boston Marriage
Alison Walter as Catherine
Beatrice Casagran for Director
Caitlin Lopez as Anna
Savannah Hankinson as Claire
Joe Holbrook for Set Design
Kirstin Opstad for Lighting
Doug Oliphant as Director
Performance Riverside
Legally Blonde
Ashlee Espinosa as Brooke Wyndam
Dennis Castellano for Musical Director
Jeffrey Christopher Todd as Emmett Forrest
Laura Doucier as Vivienne Kensington
Lindsay Martin as Paulette
Roger Castellano for Choreographer
Roger Castellano for Director
Stephanie Renee Wall as Elle Woods
Les Miserables
Carlin Castellano as Eponine
DJ Gray as Madame Thenardier
Jason Webb as Jean Valjean
Jean Yves Tessier for Lighting Design
Joshua Taylor Hamilton as Enjoras
Michelle London as Fantine
Taras Wybaczynsky Jr. as Marius Pontmercy
Tim Espinosa as Javert
Shrek the Musical
Anjanique Jewell as Dragon
Johnny Fletcher as Lord Farquaad
Josh Tangermann as Shrek
Stephanie Wall as Fiona
Craig Cady as King Arthur
Jason Guffey as Multiple Roles
Jason Webb as Multiple Roles
Johnny Fletcher as Multiple Roles
Melissa Chaty as Lady of the Lake
Play With Your Food Productions
Dream Lover
Donny Shaffer as Moose Megroski
Josh Somers as Galan Del Sufio
Michael Tennant as Rex Forrester
Monica Reichl as Doreen Mitford
Vanissa Timbreza as Emily Megorski
Ramona Hillside Players
Butterflies Are Free
Adam Martin as Ralph
Donny Shaffer as Don Baker
Susan O'Connell as Mrs. Baker
Venissa Timbreza as Jill
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Adam Fagaly as Dale Harding
Duane Minard as Chief Bromden
John W. Leon as Randle P. McMurphy
Josh Somers as Billy Bibbit
Steel Magnolias
Chantel Cagel as Truvy Jones
Debradawn Shockey as Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie
Gina Kraut as Ouiser Boudreaux
Laura Cherland as Annelle Duprey-Desoto
Monica Reichl as M'lynn Eatenton
Norma Ferrales as Clairee Belcher
Thomas W. Berry for Director
The Game's Afoot
Adam Fagaly as Felix Giesel
Alexandra Miller as Aggie Wheeler
C.A. Conn for Director
C.A. Conn for Set Design
Charles Caballero as Multiple Roles
Christopher Morse as William Gillette
Corinne Williams as Martha Gillette
Lisa Thibodeaux as Daria
Melanie Rose Johnson as Madge Geisel
Zachary Conn for Sound & Lighting Support
Redlands Footlighters
Chasing Manet
Cindi East as Rennie
Diane Borcyckowski as Catherine
Is He Dead?
Brady Greer Huffman as Bastien Andre
John-David Wiese as Jean-Francios Miller
Mike Detrow as Agamemnon "Chicago" Buckner
Tom Hurst for Set Design
Play On!
Cash Morgan as Saul Watson
Christopher Diehl for Director
Deborah McFatter as Phyllis Montague
Emily Minor as Violet Imbrey
Heidi Merrigan as Geraldine "Gerry" Dunbar
Richard Rogers as Billy Carewe
Rory Dyer as Polly Benish
Pump Boys and Dinettes
Dennis Galuska as Cousin Sump'n
Glen Johnson as Jim
Glen Johnson for Co-Director
Mia Mercado as Prudie Cupp
Mia Mercado for Choreography
Patrick Doran-Sheeran as L.M.
Patrick Doran-Sheeran for Musical Director
Paul Blatchley as Eddie
Sandra Rice as Rhetta Cupp
Steve Johnson as Jackson
Steve Johnson for Co-Director
Tom Hurst for Set Design
The Games Afoot
Mitch Stark as Felix Geisel
Phillip Gabriel for Director
Tom Hurst for Set Design
Redlands Theatre Festival
9 to 5
Cathy DeBrule as Violet
Heather Stephens as Roz
Sandra Rice as Judy
Sara Blair as Doralee
Steve Johnson as Frank Hart
Love, Loss, and What I Wore
Carol Damgen as Woman
Other Desert Cities
Carol Damgen as Polly
Cheryl Morgan as Silda
Julia Tilley as Brooke
Romance, Romance
Julia Tilley as Multiple Roles
The Underpants
Tom Provenzano as Theo Maske
Through Wonderland
Ariell Bell as Alice
Lucas Manning for Choreography
Rialto Community Players
Leading Ladies
Cameron Harris for Set Design
Candy Kane for Director
Catherine DeBrule as Meg
Hedley Duncan as Jack
Jena Impastato as Audrey
Jim Skousen as Leo
Our Lady of the Tortilla
Cameron Harris for Set Design
Xochitl Flores as Dahlia
Uncle Vanya
Ali Rafter as Yelena Andreyevna
Candy Kane for Costume Design
James Skousen for Director
Joseph V. Impastato as Telegin
Kerry Jones for Set Design
Robert Merrill as Dr. Astrov
William Gillean as Vanya
Riverside Children's Theatre
My Son Pinocchio Jr.
Arianna Vila as Blue Fairy
Connor Crane as Geppetto
David Carty for Co-Set/Scenic Designer
Don Ayers for Co-Set/Scenic Designer
Jacob Rangel as Professor Buonragazzo
Lisa Chute for Hair and Make-up Director
Nathan Mermiliod as Ringleader
Shelby Sloneker as Blue Fairy
Shrek the Musical
Adam McMorris as Donkey
Anna Hightower for Music Director
Arianna Vila as Dragon
Cameron Webb as Farquadd
Daniel Quigney as Farquaad
David Carty for Set Director
Emma Mermilliod as Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy
Jordan Sugden as Pinocchio
Kelly Glasheen for Scenic Design
Lisa Chute for Hair and Make-up Director
Maria Hong for Costume Designer
Michael Shane Eastman for Director
Mike Goodell for Stage Manager
Nicholas Jenkins as Shrek
Ron Milts for Lighting Design
Shelby Sloneker as Dragon
Valerie Estrada as Fiona
Riverside Community Players
A Shot in the Dark
Eric Dunn as Paul Sevigne
Lodi Zubko as Benjamin Beaurevers
Maricruz Montejano-Ruiz as Josefa Lantenay
Phil Holmer for Director
Absurd Person Singular
Heidi Merrigan as Jane Hopcroft
Karen Lancaster as Marion Brewster-Wright
Patricia Scarborough as Eva Jackson
Around The World In 80 Days
John Lynd as Actor 2
John Lynd for Director
Lance Christiansen as Phileas Fogg
Luis Alex Rodriguez as Actor 1
Robert Vaca as Actor 3
Whitney Reade as Actor 4
She Loves Me
A.J. Hill as Waiter
Bill Wolfe for Musical Director
Christopher Gallegos as Busboy
Holden Stackhouse as Georg Nowack
John Richard Petersen as Mr. Maraczek
Joshua David Martin as Arpad Laszlo
Spider's Web
Alexandra Stetkevich as Pippa Hailsham-Brown
Catherine Sadlier as Clarisa Hailsham-Brown
Dan Henry as Sir Rowland Delahaye
Douglas Buckhout as Inspector Lord
Lynne Ennis for Director
Rory Dyer as Mildred Peake
Jeff Richards for Director
Jessie McLean as Sylvia
Kadn Fox as Greg
Kelly Kelly as Kate
Robert Merrill as Multiple Roles
Riverside Community Players Family Series
A Christmas Carol
Bethany Schwartzkopf as Multiple Roles
Jason James for Director
Jonathan Blair as Multiple Roles
Misti Soper for Costumes
R.C. Sands as Ebeneezer Scrooge
Shaina Knox as Multiple Roles
Shane Litchfield as Multiple Roles
The Magician's Nephew
Michael Shane Eastman for Director
Riverside Repertory Theatre
Armando Pizutti as Guiseppe Zangara
David St. Pierre for Co-Set Design
Heather Kerr as Sara Jane Moore
Jeffrey Ricca as John Wilkes Booth
John Lynd as Samuel Byck
Matt Neves for Co-Set Design
Matt Neves for Director
Matt Taylor for Lighting Design
Michael Antaramian for Musical Director
Natasha Harris as Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
Robert Parkison as John Hinckley
Shane Litchfield as Balladeer
Travis Rhett Wilson as Charles Guiteau
William Fernandez Jr. as Leon Czolgosz
Wyatt Larrabee as Billy
Riverside Youth Theatre
The Sound of Music
Cameron Cash as Liesl
Hannah Wolgemuth as Maria Rainer
Shakespeare in the Vines
Every Christmas Story Ever Told
Preston Helms as Preston
The Liar
Beau Allen as Cliton
Brittany Campbell for Director
John Edward Clark as Geronte
Marissa Mae Mattson as Clarice
Samuel Waisman as Dorante
The Merry Wives of Winsor
Beau Allen as Slender
Daniel Baca as Sir John Falstaff
Jenn Blanck as Mistress Ford
Preston Helms as Doctor Caius
Rob Foley for Director
Wendi Johnson as Mistress Page
The Tempest
Beau Allen as Trinculo
Preston Helms as Caliban
Rob Crisell as Prospero
Shanti Ryle as Ariel
Stratford Players of Idyllwild
Night of the Iguana
Kathleen Walker as Hannah Jelkes
Marsha Kennedy for Set Design
Roger Bates as Jake Latta
Vanya and Sonia and Marsha and Spike
Barbara Rayliss as Cassandra
Debbie Overman as Sonia
Jeri Greene as Marsha
Preston Sparks as Vanya
Temecula Valley Players
A Few Good Men
John Wesley Leon as Col. Nathan Jessep
Patricia McQuillan for Director
Randall Matsumoto as Lance Cpl. Harold Dawson
Hello Dolly
Erica Marie Weisz as Irene Molloy
Jeffrey Sherwood as Cornelius Hackl
John Edward Clark as Horace Vandergelder
Sonia Watson as Dolly Levi
West Side Story
Allison Whitman for Choreographer
Allison Whitman for Director
Brennan Winspear as Riff
Candace Carbajal as Anita
David Reuther for Musical Director
Tamara Rodriguez as Marie
Tyler Jiles as Tony
The Grove Theatre
Candida Orosco as Aunt Eller
Dianna Hollowell as Laurey
Jeff Deards, Jr. as Curley
Mark MacKenzie for Set Design
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
John Harnetiaux as Billy Bibbit
Tamminen Devine for Lighting Design
Peter Pan
Jeannette F. Capuano for Costumes
Kristopher Kyer as Mr. Darling/Captian Hook
Larry Shilkoff as Smee
You Can't Take it With You
Bill Kinison for Co-Set Design
Dick Clark for Co-Set Design
Tibbies Center Stage
Young Frankenstein
April Henry as Elizabeth Bening
Bobby Collins as Dr. FrederickFrankenstein
Brian Thomas Barnhart for Director
Jamie Pezold as Inga
Karla Franko as Frau Blucher
Ray Limon as Choreographer
Shane Cottrell as The Monster
Stanton Morales as Igor
University California Riverside
Khalif Gillett as King Arthur
University of Redlands Theatre
The Seagull
Tom Provenzano for Director
Worldwide Theatricals
Miss Saigon
Cooper Rowe as Chris
Elena Wang as Kim
Of Mice and Men
James Griffin as Lenny
JD Wiese as George
Jesse Dinkel for Co-Director
Terrence Coleman as Crooks
Travis Rhett Wilson for Co-Director