Chino Community Theatre seeking men and boys for A Christmas Story: The Musical

Chino Community Theatre is seeking actors who can sing for A Christmas Story: The Musical. Director is willing to work with rehearsal conflicts, as long as there are no performance conflicts. See our website for performance dates:

We are currently looking to cast the following roles:

Jean Shepherd/Narrator: Male. Late 40s to early 60s. Non-singing.
A charismatic storyteller who has the ability to weave a spell and draw an audience into his magical world. He is omniscient but not overpowering; a good-natured curmudgeon with a deadpan sense of humor. He holds the audience with his tremendous presence and spark.

The Old Man: Male. 30s to 40s. High baritone to G4.
A guy with a good heart, though it is buried beneath a sometimes gruff (and rough) exterior. He’s a devoted husband and father who loves his family but doesn’t overtly show it. He usually expects the worst but is capable of excitement if the situation warrants (though it usually doesn’t). In his moments of fantasy, he is transformed from his usual grumbling blue-collar self to a true song and dance man.

Randy Parker: Boy to play 7-8 years old. Unchanged tenor voice. F#3-C#5
Ralphie’s younger brother. Cute, cuddly and whiny. Admires Ralphie but won’t admit it. He’s at the stage of childhood wherein he seems opposed to everything, but he’s still lovable-not a brat.

Santa: Male. Early 30s to early 60s. Tenor. Bb2-Bb4. Comedic actor.
The Santa Claus at Higbee’s Department Store is decidedly unlike the typical “Jolly Old Elf’ of legend and lore. Ill-tempered and slightly inebriated, he is unhappy with his job. He dismisses each child as quickly as possible in an attempt to put an end to the day and, perhaps, head for the nearest “watering hole.” May also play featured ensemble roles throughout the show.

Youth Ensemble: seeking boys with unchanged voices to play 9-12 years old. Featured dancing roles, as well as featured roles in the ensemble: Schwartz, Flick, etc.

Adult/Young Adult Ensemble: seeking interesting, warm, off-beat singer/dancer/actors with bright contemporary voices to play a multitude of roles. Roles in ensemble: Parents, Neighbors, Elves, etc. Vocal ranges include legit sopranos to A5/C6, strong altos, tenors to A4, and high baritones to F#4.

If you’re interested, please email

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