Auditions: Tuesdays With Morrie at Worldwide Theatricals

March 5, 2012
6:00 pm

Worldwide Theatricals is casting Tuesdays With Morrie. The play written by Albom and Jeffrey Hatcher.

Tuesdays With Morrie is based on the best selling book by Mitch Albom. Director James Griffin is seeking the following characters for the April 14, production at the California Theatre of the Performing Arts in San Bernardino:

Morrie Schwartz: 65-75, a charming, fiercely intelligent man suffering from ALS, has an innate benevolence and altruistic nature, wears his heart on his sleeve not out of naivete but as a result of challenging life experiences and his higher philosophical pursuits, possesses a contentment and joy at the core of who he is which can at times threaten to bubble out, but is a composed man, while open, loving and unprejudiced, is still a very discerning man, is thoughtful and kind, but has a sharp and incisive view of the world and how people work;

Mitch: 33-40, amicable and aggressive man approaching middle age, has been lead by fear for most of his adult life and is approaching a place of transformation, a professional sports writer, he knows how to get what he needs when he needs it, through Morrie he seeks to find his way back to who he was in his youth, like Morrie, has an innate benevolence and altruism, this aspect of his personality has been buried by years of his fast-paced professional lifestyle and fear of intimate relationships, a bit distanced and cool, he yearns for a change in his life, must be able to play piano.

There will be an open call audition on Monday March 5th at 6pm. Please call 909-885-5152.

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